Netizens sit waiting for Zhang Zifeng refuted rumors, praying that this wave of love hammer is an error!Sister hurry up and run

2022-05-20 0 By

The entertainment industry is really busy during the Chinese New Year, the marriage, divorce, everything happened so unexpected, just two days after valentine’s Day, suddenly there is a topic out, Zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia look at each other’s eyes, selected is the segment of the two people to participate in the program.Just watching this clip doesn’t mean anything. You can’t look at each other in the eye with a straight face when you attend an activity together. Besides, my sister loves to laugh, so how can you interpret expectations and love?Originally thought that this is just a netizen in sugar, unreasonable lalang match, or a party to buy the press release in porcelain, but more than a look can see more melon.On Valentine’s Day, Yanxu jia was photographed dating a girl and returning to her apartment. Netizens analyzed the girl’s body shape, dress style and running posture and thought she looked like Zhang Zifeng.There is also the girl’s phone case and zhang Zifeng was photographed before the same, even the card inserted inside are the same.Another blogger, titled “Did Zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia break up today?” also started clocking in the day after Valentine’s Day.A whole afternoon has passed, and there is still no news from Zhang Zifeng’s side, you know, fans are waiting for her to refuting rumors.Yanxujia before because of his girlfriend publicly hammer things made several times, the net friend to his perception is not very good, Zhang Zifeng side has not come out to deny rumors, fans are impatient, afraid of really have a situation, incarnation and Huang Lei as worried about the old father, want to cut something.Of course, fans still want her to have a positive, healthy and happy relationship, but that’s the kind of thing people know when they drink water.They are all in the entertainment industry, but also in the same university, and had contact on the work, have their own ideas and cognition is very normal.After all, in the past, it’s no use trying to stop stars from marrying or dating anyone they want.