New business models stimulate new vitality of consumption

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③ Original title: Accelerated integration of online and offline, new forms of business to benefit the people and facilitate the people — (Title) New business model to stimulate new vitality of consumption (theme) core reading Intelligent settlement, self-service sales, instant delivery……In recent years, on the one hand, various circulation market players in China have actively engaged in cross-border business and developed comprehensive services; on the other hand, they have accelerated the application of advanced information technology, realized integrated development of online and offline, effectively enhanced supply capacity, continuously expanded new consumption scenarios for the convenience of the people, and met diversified, convenient and high-quality consumption demands.In the streets of Shanghai, a super department store that integrates art exhibitions, painting materials, books, home furnishing, art derivatives, clothing retail and other formats attracts many citizens to punch in.At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, with the warm winter sun, coffee is fragrant in the Xixifu Bookstore located in Wanda Square, Xihu District, Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province. Yang Lu, a resident of Chaoyang New Town, Xihu District, often meets her friends here, holding a favorite coffee and reading a favorite book.They will also choose some cultural and creative products in the life and creative space of the bookstore, participate in themed activities of the bookstore, and sign up for classes to learn flower arrangement skills.”I prefer the new bookstores to the traditional ones.In the external environment, decoration fashion, full sense of literature and art;In addition to reading and purchasing books, readers can also participate in regular activities such as reading parties, author sharing sessions, and flower art teaching.Lucille said.In recent years, the “bookstore +” mode is popular all over the place. People find that some new bookstores are not simply selling books, and the multi-functional Settings on the scene bring different consumption experience to consumers.”Practice has proved that physical stores such as bookstores and supermarkets attract far more customers than single businesses by aggregating multiple formats and creating multiple scenes, and customers’ consumption stickiness will continue to increase.To this end, we have been encouraging chain bookstores to build a complex book retail format and cultural complex that integrates cultural display, creative sales, theaters and other functions, so as to ensure both the supply and demand of cultural consumption.Nanchang Xihu District deputy head Niu Hao said.Financial research institute in the map, a senior researcher pay lady view, traditional stores in addition to providing sites of consumption, people can also through the various elements of the grafting of science and technology as well as catering, entertainment, etc into other formats, further enhance consumers engaged in the shopping process, make the supply and demand both sides on the emotional resonance and cultural resonance to establish more connections,Realize experience refresh and consumption upgrade.Driving to shapotou expressway service area in southern Ningxia, the elegant decoration makes people see.There is not only an exhibition area for special products, such as wolfberries and wine, but also an intangible cultural heritage, such as sheepskin rafts, and a small desert children’s playground, so that people who park here can not only have a distant view of the Tengger Desert, but also enjoy famous tea, delicious food, intangible cultural heritage, buy special products and play with their children.”Our goal is to make high-speed service areas the first stop for tourism.”Related person in charge of Ningxia Tongyuan Transportation Asset Management Company introduced that last year, the company invested 4.35 million yuan in the scene transformation of 14 high-speed service areas in the Autonomous Region, to create a variety of business modes, from simple parking, refueling, eating to the upgrading of cultural travel service scenes, to provide tourists with better consumption experience.Let the high-speed service area become the carrier and window to fully display the local tourism image.”We need to promote integrated development of consumption scenes, which is an important way to stimulate new vitality of consumption.”Wang Yun, deputy director of the Institute of International Economics of The Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, believes that in order to support and guide the scene fusion reconstruction of traditional commercial facilities, it is suggested to give some reconstruction subsidies or take tax exemptions to relevant market players, so as to enhance the initiative of market players in reconstruction and upgrading and better adapt to the demand of consumption upgrading.At present, a series of digital consumption scenarios are coming to us, further stimulating the new vitality of smart retail.Digital convenience stores help people save time and worry — Li Yu, who works in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, recently bought breakfast at Convenience store chain Convenientbee. “In addition to a wide variety of products, new products can be launched quickly, and the whole process can be ‘automated’,” she said.Walking into a convenience store, she chooses her own meal on a digital screen at the breakfast counter.When the staff on the other side of the counter received the order, they quickly handed out the product and the qr code for checkout, and Li Yu paid with the code on the self-service cash register, fast and efficient.Convenience stores are one of the retail formats closest to consumers. Digital technology is accelerating the empowerment of convenience stores such as Convenience Bee. From “self-service ordering” and “self-service cashier” to “contactless service”, people can consume more intelligently.January 17, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “notice about to do a good job of recent promote consumption, promote the entity stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and other digital transformation and online collaboration, development of warehouse club,” store “new retail formats, such as service, speed up the breeding experience, immersive new scene of consumption, consumption level of wisdom, the facilitation of ascension.Old department opened a new retail formats, benefit more consumers – January 8, in jiangyin city, jiangsu province people’s road, Yintai department’s Yintai cloud store opened a new department called “intime365 set shop” collection store, 80 square meters of in-store except for the experience of the goods, also has three digital “YunBing”, after the user registration as a member,You can place an order through the “cloud screen”.Intime Cloud Store uses the interactive mode of “cloud screen” to help consumers gain one-stop shopping experience through the digital platform of Intime department store and the trial of various popular beauty makeup and fashion clothing offline.Online and offline goods have the same price. After placing an order, customers can judge the most convenient place for direct delivery through the background of the system.Last year, during the “Double 11” period, Yintai Cloud store orders increased eight times compared to the same period last year.”Some well-known brands enter small and medium-sized cities simultaneously through cloud stores, so that young people in small cities can enjoy the same experience of goods and services as those in first-tier cities.””Said Zhang Lei, head of Intime Department store Cloud Store.According to Wang yun, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we should adhere to innovation-driven development, vigorously develop digital circulation, strengthen digital infrastructure construction, accelerate digital and intelligent transformation and cross-border integration of circulation, and promote reform in quality, efficiency and driving force of domestic trade development.Convenient for the people — improve the urban and rural multi-level business network, enrich the commercial ecology of convenient and beneficial to the people fish noodles, bean curd skin, sheep soup…Anhua Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang province, is full of vitality in the wee hours of the morning.According to statistics, at present, there are more than 70 midnight snack shops in the town that are open after 2 o ‘clock at night, with an average daily passenger flow of over 20,000.With night catering as the engine, anhua town’s catering revenue reached 200 million yuan last year, a year-on-year increase of more than 200%.With the theme of “Zhejiang Good Night · Anhua Night”, Anhua Town promotes the construction of “night economy” town, creates a landmark platform for “Internet celebrities punch cards”, organizes beer festival, “Night sports living room” and other activities, which promotes the release of night consumption vitality and creates more than 5,000 jobs.According to the “14th Five-year Plan for The Construction of Modern Circulation System” released by relevant departments on January 24, “promote the regional business circle to improve the facilities and conditions of consumption gathering areas such as commercial complexes and high-end business districts, and build characteristic business circles such as trendy shopping and night consumption”.In June last year, the Ministry of Commerce and 12 other departments issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Construction of A Quarter Hour Convenient Urban Life Circle”, which suggested that “we should encourage the integration of business and property, consumption and life, home and community, and realize diversified, concentrated and intelligent development of business forms.”At present, local efforts are being made to promote the construction of community business circles, optimize the layout of convenient commercial facilities, and make it more convenient for people to consume at home.Try “Multiple functions in one store” to improve consumption experience — On January 15, suning Tesco officially launched its first “four-in-one” home appliance and home furnishing service store in Xiaoling Wei Business District, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province.Through adjusting the spatial layout and display form and other measures, the integration of home decoration, home appliances, home furnishing three commodity categories, to provide consumers with whole-house home decoration customization, home appliances and household life services and other one-stop solutions.During the opening period, the store’s home power hedging orders accounted for nearly 40%, compared with the upgrading of the store, the overall sales increased by 40%, the number of service orders increased by 334%.”The retail upgrade should be user-centered, change the sales logic from ‘providing a single product’ to ‘providing a one-stop solution’, improve the shopping convenience and satisfaction of consumers through the integration of supply chain and scene resources, and promote consumption quality through experience and service upgrade.”Suning Shopping senior vice president Gu Wei said.Innovation business model, enhance efficiency of convenience – Tihu Car Beijing Yaojiayuan store is busy on the occasion of leaving the old year and welcoming the New Year, the store is crowded with vehicles, the whole store up and down 6 technicians and staff together to carry out comprehensive detection and maintenance of vehicles on the station.”During the Spring Festival is a high frequency period of car, pay close attention to the car to do a detection and maintenance.”It’s very convenient to make an online reservation and pick up a car when you arrive.””Said Sun Guanghe, who lives in Beijing’s Chaoyang district.During the Spring Festival of this year, Tihu Car Factory, which participated in the 2022 “Chinese New Year Without closing,” has covered more than 200 cities across China. Through the innovative business model of “online reservation + offline performance”, it makes car maintenance more convenient and affordable for people.Guazi used car provides one-stop service, consumers online order cars, the platform delivers cars to the door.Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder and senior vice president of Guazi Used cars, said the online car supply is large, giving consumers sufficient space to compare prices, and the sales of used cars are growing steadily.Fu Yifu suggested that to adapt to consumer demand, all parts should speed up the construction of reasonable layout, complete formats, perfect functions, wisdom and convenient, orderly, high-quality service, business and harmony of the people’s life circle, to create convenient service chain, to meet people’s consumer needs, increase the comfort of people’s life.(Reporter Qi Zhiming zhang Wen) Editor in charge: Miao Chen