Sister Zhiling wept with joy: the success rate of one percent, the road to seek a son is difficult, grateful for god’s blessing

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Lin Chi-ling has a baby. Oh my God, it’s so sudden.The press went silent. Not a word on it.Just like when Zhiling sister married with Kurozawa Ryohei, suddenly burst the news, how many young you heartbroken.Now this baby is too sudden, it is simply born out of nowhere, October pregnancy is saved.If it wasn’t for zhiling’s official announcement on social media, I wouldn’t even know it. It’s really low-key and secretive.Lin Chi-ling, Taiwan’s first supermodel, has given birth to a cow after three years of marriage, according to official announcements posted on social media platforms on the last lunar New Year’s Eve of 2021.Good news anyway. Best wishes to them. Congratulations.Wish the baby safe and healthy growth.Lin Zhiling got married in June 2019 to her Japanese husband, Yoshihei Kurosawa, and she has been making a wish. Her biggest wish is to have a baby.Lin chi-ling joked that she thought god should have heard, and now she surprised them.Lin Zhiling, 47 years old this year, as early as 25 years old had the dream of getting married and having children, but time has changed.But she didn’t get married until she was 44 years old, believing that “if you believe in love, it will happen.”However, after the age of 40, a woman’s eggs are of low quality, so if she wants to conceive and give birth naturally, the success rate is extremely low, perhaps only one in 100.Therefore, many older actresses and entertainers will seek artificial insemination, which can greatly improve the successful pregnancy rate.The pregnancy was kept secret by speculation that it might have taken place in the US.She was born in Japan before The New Year’s Day, according to her brother Lin Zhihong.Due to the epidemic, the child is still too young to be observed again, so it is kept secret to the outside world.It is reported that Lin Chi-ling’s child is a son, so the male baby should be a Capricorn zodiac sign.Now their dream has come true, and god has given them the best New Year gift.My kind sister Zhiling has always been concerned and supportive of public welfare. Wish you a happy New Year and the healthy growth of your baby.