The list for the 2022 94th Academy Awards has been announced

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The winners of the 2022 Academy Awards were announced at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2018.”Listen To The Girl” won best picture, best Supporting Actor and best adapted screenplay.Jane Campion won her second Oscar for best director for Dog Power;Will Smith won best actor for King Richard;Jessica Chastain won her first Academy Award for best actress for Tammy Fey’s Eyes.”Drive My Car” won best international film.”Dune” won six technical awards for visual effects, cinematography, art direction, editing, original score and sound.The list of winners in the rules, and no surprise dark horse said, the specific list and before the media predicted the results of the basic consistency.To add to the heat, this year’s Academy Awards has for the first time added a “fan vote for favorite movie”.Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead (2021) took the top spot after enthusiastic fan votes.The top five movies in the fan vote were legion of the Living Dead, Cinderella, Minamata Disease, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Countdown.In recent years, the Academy has become politically correct and conservative, making it less influential than it used to be, and the addition of a “fan vote for favorite movie” has had limited effect.And the drama of the show brought traffic to the Oscars.The host, Chris Rock, twice made fun of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, for her hair loss, and Smith took the stage to slap Chris Rock.Mr. Rock was outspoken as host, joking that Jada Pinkett Smith shaved her head for the sequel to G.I. Jane (1997).In fact, Jada had shaved her head because of baldness and was deeply depressed.When Rourke made fun of Jada for the second time, Shi Huang came up to the stage, slapped him, and when he returned to his seat began yelling, “Don’t use your foul mouth to mention my wife’s name.”(Keep my wife & # 39;The ABC live broadcast was hastily silenced, and the sound could be heard in other countries, to the dismay of the audience.Oscar officials confirmed that there was no slapping during rehearsals the previous day and that the scene was spontaneous.It’s safe to say that the slap has given rise to new Oscar fever. The average person is far less interested in the Oscar than the slap.Slap down, the topic, the heat.After slapping Rourke, Will Smith was announced as the winner of the best actor award.In his acceptance speech, King apologized to the Academy, but made no mention of Rourke.In his speech, The actor thanked the cast and his family, adding that King Richard was a staunch defender of his family and defended his actions.The slapping incident was followed by a statement from the LAPD after the show saying they were “aware of an incident that occurred between two individuals during the Oscars,” according to CBS News.Police also said Locke refused to file a police report.”The LAPD will be able to complete the investigation report if the party concerned wishes to file a police report at a later date,” police said.In 1999, Oscar tweeted, “Violence of any kind is not tolerated.Tonight, we are pleased to celebrate the 94th Academy Awards honorees who deserve this moment of recognition from their peers and film lovers around the world.””This is how we do it,” King’s son Jaden Smith tweeted after the show.(And That & # 39;It’s not clear if he was referring to the slap, his dad winning best Actor, or both…In 2022, the 94th Oscar winners are as follows: complete best picture: “health care to listen to the girl” best director: Jane campion “the power of the dog” best actor: will Smith king Richard best actress: Jessica check Stan “tammy, thin eyes” best supporting actor: Troy walcott sur “health care to listen to the girl” for best supporting actress:Ariane DE, west side story best original screenplay: Kenneth branagh Belfast, best adapted screenplay: shane, Hyde average hearing girl best international film: “driving my car” best documentary feature films: “the soul of” best animated feature: “magic house full of” award for best live action short: “the long goodbye” award for best animated short film:”To love” award for best short documentary: queen basketball best photography: Greg, liser “dune” best editing: Joe walker “dune” best original score: Hans zimmer “dune” best sound, best art direction: “dune” ZuZanNa, Persia, patrice d metcalfe “dune” best visual effects: “dune” best costume design.Janet brigitte than black and white siren library IRA best makeup hairstyle: Linda, this “tammy, thin eyes” best original song: No Time to Die “007: too busy to Die” lifetime achievement award: Samuel Jackson, Elaine may, liv uman, jean hersholt humanitarian award: Danny glover fan favorite movie:Army of the Living Dead This is the center of hardcore fans, welcome to pay attention to the public number: Miaokan Film and Television