Will ENYAQ COUPE iV bring vitality to Skoda with its appearance and performance?

2022-05-20 0 By

When the whole world is talking about the era of pure electric cars, car companies that have been walking the traditional route of building cars are also starting to panic.Why the panic?It is not because of the fear that the product strength will be compared with those new forces, but in the automobile market, there has always been a preconceived concept, traditional car companies panic, in fact, panic in the future market share.Since the new forces began to expand crazily, those traditional car enterprises holding multiple sub-brands also began to transform quickly or slowly. For example, Volkswagen Group, a large car enterprise, is the one that transforms slowly among traditional car enterprises.But with decades or more of experience, companies like Volkswagen can make the transition with ease.Last year, Volkswagen launched 5 pure electric vehicles from MEB platform in the domestic market. After a period of market paving, the current sales volume has begun to make steady progress, especially saic Volkswagen, in the ID.While the family has opened the market to SUV and sedan dual layout, its pure electric market sales have seen visible growth.Speaking of this, saic Volkswagen has to say another brand – Skoda.As a century-old brand, Skoda has been in a tepid state in the domestic market for many years, and in the aspect of transformation, Skoda has not made any achievements in China at present.Fortunately, at least Skoda has Volkswagen as a big tree behind it, and there is a reference basis for transformation, so it does not worry about being unable to take the step of transformation.Last year’s first all-electric model, the ENYAQ iV, went on sale overseas, while the ENYAQ COUPE iV, which made its global debut on the last day of last month, rolled off the production line at the Ramdar-Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic a few days ago.In the future, whether ENYAQ iV or ENYAQ COUPE iV takes the lead in introducing domestic products, it will be a breakthrough for Skoda in China.In terms of design, ENYAQ COUPE iV retains the design of traditional fuel cars, compared with the ID under the Volkswagen brand.The family has gone further, and the concept of keeping traditional designs in general while innovating in details is likely to be more acceptable to domestic consumers than the whimsical design of the new powers.Of course, in the face of the increasingly young market, I have reason to believe that ENYAQ COUPE iV will be the first skoda pure electric model to be introduced into China. After all, COUPE SUV’s slipback design is more likely to win the favor of young people. Besides id.4/6, SAIC Volkswagen has not introduced ID.5 into the domestic market.ENYAQ COUPE iV is exactly the model corresponding to ID.5, so it does not create conflicts in its own model layout, which is probably what SAIC Volkswagen will consider.Inside the car, the ENYAQ COUPE iV is equally unfussier, with a tiered center console, 13-inch center screen, and 5.3-inch LCD dashboard. Users can control battery charging and air-conditioning remotely via the Skoda Connect App.This has long been a basic operation in the new forces, but Skoda’s pure electric models can support these for the first time, which also let us see the century-old car companies seeking change.As for the power of Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV, only the power data of iV 80 model has been published. As the most entry-level model of Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV, it carries 82kWh battery pack, 150kW motor is placed in the rear axle, and only Cd0.234 wind resistance coefficient is combined with the body.The 545km range in WLTP looks good, but don’t forget that this is just an entry-level model, and the iV X and iV RS, which have not yet been announced, are bound to be statistically stronger.Well, the only question now is when SAIC Skoda will introduce this nice-looking ENYAQ COUPE iV.