Shandong Weifang nationality martyr Liu Guangwen sacrificed in Hui ‘an County Chongwu town, now looking for its burial place

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According to incomplete statistics, since modern times, about 20 million martyrs have sacrificed their lives in China, but only 1.96 million have names at present.Due to historical reasons, many of these martyrs have not found descendants;There are still a number of martyrs continue to search for burial sites.On the occasion of Tomb-sweeping Day, People’s Daily published a list of martyrs jointly with Toutiao Seeking people, hoping to mobilize the power of the whole society to help the souls return “Looking for martyrs’ descendants” project is committed to becoming an information platform for all sectors of society to look for martyrs’ relatives. It will use precise geographical location pop-up technology to pop up the information of these martyrs one by one to the corresponding areas around, so as to improve the efficiency of martyrs’ family searching.Date of birth and death: 1927.11-1949.12 Time of enlisting: 1947.10 Native place: Shandong Changyi County Qingxiang Liujia Lane commune (affiliated to today’s Changyi City, Weifang city) Unit position: thirty-one Division 92nd squad monitor place of sacrifice:Fujian Quanzhou City, Hui ‘an County Chongwu fenghuo years, countless heroes and martyrs for the prosperity of the country and the prosperity of the nation dedicated life and blood, however, because of the long time interval, information query difficulties;The descendants are older and the family members are not fully aware of the situation;Administrative area changes, lack of effective contact and other reasons, there are still many martyrs looking for the burial place of their ancestors, there are still many martyrs buried in the cemetery, have not returned to their hometown.In July 2018, toutiao Search launched the public welfare project “Looking for descendants of martyrs”. Relying on today Toutiao APP’s huge user base, toutiao Is committed to improving the efficiency of martyrs’ family search by scientific and technological means.It uses the way of geographical location popup, with the help of toutiao App in the martyrs’ home place popup to find relatives information, at the same time according to the family search notice, in accordance with the geographical location of the technology, recommended to the martyrs’ home city locals.So far, under the guidance of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the project team has cooperated with more than 150 departments of veterans affairs, martyrs’ mausoleum and memorial hall across the country, releasing 15,368 cases of martyrs’ family search, and successfully finding 1,251 relatives of martyrs.Among them, the fastest time to find relatives 7 minutes, the oldest martyr descendants 91 years old, lost the longest time of 91 years, the most to help a martyr cemetery to find 102 martyr relatives.That’s why we’ve heard the stories of thousands of martyrs who died so bravely;Witnessed hundreds of heroes and loved ones “reunion” moment;Harvest countless relatives of tears and laughter, joy and moved……Behind the names of each martyr, is a touching hero story, is a section of touching family thoughts, but also the historical memory of where the new China comes from.Remembering the achievements of the martyrs, consoling the martyrs, inheriting the red gene, telling a good red story;Toutiaoren launched the “Search for martyrs’ Descendants” project, and cooperated with People’s Daily to help the martyrs return home.In the past successful cases, the media relay to find the descendants of martyrs, played a great role, toutiaoren invites media from all over the country to participate in the “search for the descendants of martyrs media volunteer service group”.If there are any clues related to the descendants of martyrs, please contact toutiao Looking for people (tel: 010-83461345, 010-83460429 or send information to email: Special staff will verify and follow up the information.