What is the largest waterfall in the world?

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The largest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls.Angel Falls, located in Venezuela, is the world’s largest waterfall, with a drop of 979 meters, and is best viewed from the air because it is hidden by dense forest.Angel Falls magnificent momentum, spectacular scenery, it vividly interprets what is “flying down three thousand feet, suspected is the Milky Way nine days”.Angel Falls hover between the mountains and cliffs, hanging in the sky, arousing the full valley beads and jade splashing, misty mist, falling potential such as chasing the wind, rumbling sound, such as flying dragon qing xiao, echoes in the whole valley.Below the irradiation of light, often see a gorgeous rainbow above water mist, soft and lovely as the month cage gauze, be like who throw the colorful lian, give a person a kind of poetic feeling, the kind of beautiful picture, only read the talent understand.If you’re lucky enough to have seen angel falls, believe you also will be the kind of momentum impressed with it, that is a kind of pure natural, not with a trace of impurities of beauty, the beauty of it is more convincing, beautiful people, I want to, and only in angel falls, you will feel this way, like friend, don’t miss!Guys, what do you think of Angel Falls?Do you understand it now?For more exciting content, come to jida Travel