Gu Long created seven supporting roles, because the portrayal is so successful, directly rob the aura of the leading role

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Gu Long, a wine monk, drinks wine and does not care about anything.But as long as he had no money to drink, he would think deeply about the creation of martial arts novels. Sometimes he would finish a work responsibly, and sometimes he would take money to drink and flirt with girls directly at the beginning. As a result, most of his novels had a beginning but no end.But there is no way, cologne wuxia novels don’t open the heavens and the earth, to subvert the traditional pattern of wuxia novels directly, let many people read enough of traditional martial arts novels try to fresh and new, so cologne reap great benefits and reputation, especially the many classic characters he created, in the film and television under the blessings,Directly overshadowing gu Long’s own voice.Gu Long once lamented: “The world only knows Zheng Shaoqiu’s Chu Liuxiang classic, but neglects me to be the author who created Chu Liuxiang.There is a strong sense of jealousy everywhere, but it also indirectly suggests that Mr Guron’s characters are too successful.Gu Long is a great name writer, and not only the title of the book, but also the names of the books, and not only the names of the protagonists, and even the supporting characters are stellar.Readers who have seen Gu Long’s works may have the same feeling, Gu Long’s main characters are wonderful, but some of the supporting performances are too eye-catching, but overshadoding the main character’s light is also common.Let’s take a look at who the seven supporting characters are.1, Sun Yubo from “Meteor Butterfly Sword”, some people say that Sun Yubo is the protagonist of this work, because this work more shows the old man’s mind, means and pattern, as well as in the face of adversity.But there is no denying that the leading role of this work or Meng Xingsoul, but in front of the old man, Meng Xingsoul’s leading role halo also appears dim.2, Law Kagawa is also from the “meteor Butterfly Sword”, as a villain in the book, law Kagawa was shaped too successful by Gu Long, when I read law Kagawa, I really think Gu Long is too good at writing characters, but also too good at writing villains.Rather than sun Yubo is a copy of the godfather, then law Kagawa is ancient dragon’s own creation, such a villain is really too rob the leading role of meng Xingsoul play.3, Wang Move some people say that the most beautiful ancient dragon works is which, I think many people will choose “happy hero”, because the protagonist Guo Dalu is too big road is also too funny and lovely.But for the supporting role in this work, that is, the rich villa group of four in the eldest wang move, I feel that the ancient dragon wang move motionless, skyrocket performance is too eye-catching.Although gu Long did not describe wang move too much, but the role of wang move has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and took away a lot of leading role Guo Dalu elegant demeanor.4, Simon blowing snow “Lu Xiaofeng” sword god, this need not say more, the name is good, good characterization, it is perfect.The romantic blind man in “Lu Xiaofeng”, sometimes I really feel that Gu Long is sorry for lu Xiaofeng, the protagonist, because in his writing, it seems that the supporting role is better than the protagonist’s name, and the image is more colorful, but let the protagonist Lu Xiaofeng a little unsatisfactory.6, Wang Yanhua’s “Swordsman” is second only to the protagonist Shen Lang’s character, Gu Long is very good at describing this kind of good and evil characters, maybe sometimes the character of these characters and gu Long’s own human nature similar.Therefore, Gu Long shaped Wang Lianhua is in his own hands, and wang Lianhua and Shen Lang several times, although they lost, but let people feel a little glorious defeat.Tang Yu’s most hated villain, from “White Jade Tiger”.A charming young man, but also a thoughtful and ruthless poison.Gu Long in “white Jade tiger” in addition to shaping zhao Wuji this leading role, the most brilliant is tang Yu.These seven or supporting role or villain, in ancient dragon too classic, sometimes actually let the leading role appear so pale, in fact, is ancient dragon’s high wisdom, but also ancient dragon let a person admire the place.Jingu Wuxia.To talk to you about martial arts.