Shandong Feixian No. 1 Middle School held a new semester of the whole school staff conference

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Year order replacement, Huazhang new day.At the beginning of the new semester, in order to lead all the staff in the work of unity of thought, clear direction, to promote the school’s education and teaching work in a solid and orderly way, February 17th morning, Feixian First middle school held the whole school staff conference.The meeting was presided over by Wang Xiande, party secretary of the university.The agenda of the conference is divided into two stages: faculty meeting and cadre meeting.First of all, all the staff watched the video lecture on family Education Promotion Law.Next, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, president Li Jianquan convey the school work plan of the new semester, on the whole school education and teaching work objectives, ideas, measures and other aspects of overall planning, careful deployment.Li Jianquan, the principal of the school, explained the objectives of the school: to standardize and refine the teaching routine management, implement scientific research to promote education, carry forward the characteristics of the school, and comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching grade;We should make every effort to promote the professional development of teachers and build a contingent of teachers with professional skills and integrity.In view of the work measures of the new semester, President Li communicated with all teachers from four major aspects: one is to strengthen the guidance of party construction and promote the deep integration of party construction work and education and teaching work;Second, pay close attention to the construction of “three winds”, excellent teaching wind, learning wind, change the style of work;Third, refine the management process and create characteristic education;Fourth, we must keep the bottom line of safety and consolidate our responsibility to ensure safety.At the meeting, President Li called on all the teachers to take this opportunity to carry forward the fine tradition, display the school’s style and features, highlight the school’s characteristics, promote friendly exchanges, expand social influence, and strive to achieve leapfrog development of the school.In the face of new challenges and opportunities in the development of the university, all members of the school are expected to stride forward to a higher and further goal with a broader vision and more persistent efforts. The strong wind and strong sail have fully riring the sea and sky, and have committed themselves to a new career.At the same time, we also look forward to the alumni from all over the world returning to our Alma mater to celebrate together.Wang Xiande, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, summed up and stressed at the meeting: “Moral education, pay close attention to quality” has always been the focus of the school’s work, we should improve the political position, focus on the overall situation of the school’s development, unity of thought and action, firm confidence, work hard, brave achievements.Second stage all cadres at the meeting, each department work, head of 2021 annual reporting on activities, and read carefully draw up detailed work plan for the new term, jian-quan li headmaster careful review, secretary of the party committee Wang Xiande concluding remarks, the department of leading cadres are encouraged to forge ahead, were the first to fight for their best, and at the same time put forward higher request to them.Third grade director Wang Yucheng middle school director Ren Hang coagulation to seek new chapter, rigidly make progress.In the New Year, with the correct guidance of the county government and the county Education and Sports Bureau, the leading team of the school has committed itself to working hard and innovating to draw a new chapter for the high quality development of the school.● Text contribution: Wang Mingying ● Image material: Zhu Kai ● Proofreading: Wang Zhaodong ● Responsible Department: Office