Bloomberg: God of War: Ragnarok won’t jump to 2023

2022-05-23 0 By

SONY will probably start promoting their next AAA title in the next few weeks.According to a Bloomberg reporter, God of War: Ragnarok won’t be delayed until 2023, but will be released this year.SONY just released Horizon west, following God of War 4 on PC, Uncharted: Thief’s Legacy Collection on PS5, and Gran Turismo 7 on both generations of PLAYSTATION consoles early next month.We’ve seen a very tight couple of weeks for PS5 and PS4 fans, but clearly this isn’t the end of SONY’s big production.In a recent Reddit post, one player asked if God of War v might be moved to 2023.Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier replied: Nope.The Bloomberg reporter, who has a good relationship with the staff at SONY’s Santa Monica studio, was the first to break the news that God of War: Ragnarok had been pushed back to 2022.So his answer was a reassuring one for his fans.In the coming months, SONY will most likely start promoting God of War: Ragnarok.