Bujiang town college student volunteers in their hometown

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In January 2022, I came back to my hometown after the school vacation, and came across the notice of recruiting college student volunteers from the town Youth League Committee.Although I didn’t have much experience, I actively responded to the call of Tongbai County Committee of the Communist Youth League and joined the volunteer team for epidemic prevention and control organized by the Youth League Committee of Bujiang Town.The epidemic is terrible, but terrible is the timidity in the face of the epidemic.If no one is willing to be the light that breaks the darkness, the dawn will never come, there will be no dawn.As a contemporary young student, I can not go to the front line, what I can do is to stand shoulder to shoulder with those countless rebels, to pass on the warmth in my heart.On the day of registration, I was assigned to gaozhai Village to participate in epidemic prevention and control. I reported to the village cadres at 8 o ‘clock every day and went home at 6 p.m. I had a one-hour rest at noon.The elders of my family support me very much, just a little distressed, after all, it is freezing, really a little cold.I did not feel cold, a hot heart enough to warm the whole winter.In the village, it is my daily work to check the travel code and health code, and register the information of returning people and report their journey.During the volunteer activities, I also encountered many difficulties. For example, when I registered the information of returnees in the village, some people made sarcastic remarks behind my back, saying, “I don’t know what’s the use of such an old child not going out to earn money, and I have to get up early in such a cold day.”Hearing these words, the in the mind is so a little bit sad, but think of the medical staff in the front line may be life danger, they did not flinch, I have what can be sad.During my volunteer service, I also had a lot of fun. During the door-to-door trip code survey, some uncles and aunts were very kind and cooperative, letting me warm myself by the fire and pouring water for me. They kept saying that “college students are different and make contributions to the people.Heard uncle aunt such praise, do not mention how happy, it just want to jump up, those words like a warm current, no matter how cold the day, the in the mind feel is warm.Of course, other volunteers are also doing this work, and everyone is great.Unlike other volunteers, because I am in the school organized activities, learn some knowledge of planning activities and film editing video, so during volunteering, I organize village college students volunteer took “epidemic prevention and control publicity” small video, to help the town youth corps committee planning volunteer commendation congress and process, and helping the entire congress meeting successfully,And make recording small video.These works were praised by the Town Youth League Committee and the County Youth League Committee, so I won the honorary certificate issued by tongbai County Party Committee of the Communist Youth League and Bujiang Town Party Committee and Government, and made a speech at the commendation conference as a volunteer representative, which made me feel very proud to help my hometown, and my hometown recognized me, which is more important than anything else.Participation in this volunteer activity, let me harvest a lot, a lot of feelings.I understand that a person, there is no purpose, there is no pursuit, no desire, there is no result, youth only with the development of The Times resonance to bloom brilliance.In the future life, I will be a member of the Communist Youth League discipline, sense of responsibility to strict requirements of self, urge self, and strive to improve their ideological and political literacy and theoretical level, and a solid study of the Party’s theory, policy, and strive to become a glorious member of the Communist Party of China forge ahead.I will continue to study hard in order to make more contributions to the motherland and others in the society. I also always believe that no winter is insurmountable and no spring will come!Source network