Lhasa police deeply mourn the loss of police officers in the line of duty

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China News Lhasa, April 4 (reporter Jiang Feibo)Cast iron and blood police soul, plateau buried bones.Police in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, paid tribute to their officers who died in the line of duty in 2022, ahead of the annual Qingming Festival.Zou Yang: Zou Yang is the most familiar with the area of the police, zunyi, Guizhou province, joined the public security work in 2011, before the Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau chengguan Branch Of CAI Gongtang Police Station education city convenient police station, the third-level police chief.Zou Yang died in the line of duty at the age of 32 in the early morning of March 9, 2022 after suffering a sudden illness while on duty.In April 2021, the people receiving aid expressed their gratitude for offering Hada to Zou Yang.Public security bureau police for figure Lhasa, Lhasa CongJing for 11 years, he put the situation in Tibet, the root is deeply at the grassroots level, with no regrets, pursuit, with persistent professional spirit and strong sense of responsibility, in the ordinary post faithfully perform “be loyal, service people, justice and discipline” of the general requirements,Won the people’s sincere trust and support.Peng Jiangyin, deputy head of the convenient police station in the education city, said that the police station has a large area of control. Zou Yang and his colleagues carry out the security inspection of shops, communities, rental houses and other places from time to time, and check the information of floating people and temporary residents.At the same time, continuous foot patrol, maximize the street police rate, effectively play the role of police station “lighthouse”.”Zou Yang is the most familiar with the area of the police, solid work, last year also received residents of the area to send a banner.”Gesang Baiji, a resident of Lhasa Education City, recalled that in the early morning of April 4, 2021, he had a heart attack and called 120 first. Unfortunately, all 120 ambulances had been dispatched at that time, so he called 110 for help.Within five minutes of hanging up the phone, Zou and his colleagues rushed to their home, panting, asking about themselves and then driving them to the hospital in a police car, she said.”Zou Yang helped me contact relatives to the hospital, and they left.”Kelsang Baiji said Zou had saved his life. “It’s too hard. He left so young,” he said.Lhasa police said zou Yang with the determination to move forward, step by step interpretation of the glorious great mission of a people’s police, with his perseverance and dedication in the snow plateau to write the youth anthem of the new era of young police.His devotion to duty and selfless fearless noble character still flutters on the plateau.Danzeng Luopei: “Behind the scenes” guardian Danzeng Luopei joined the public security work in 2018. Before his death, he was a first-grade police officer and a policeman in the dispatch Department of the Command Center of Lhasa Public Security Bureau.On January 28, 2022, Danzeng Luopei died in the line of duty at the age of 29 due to sudden cardiac death due to overwork while on night duty.The picture shows Dan Zengluo pei at work before his death.Lhasa public Security Bureau for Lhasa police introduction, “work seriously responsible, on call, very diligent”, is the unit leaders and colleagues of the unanimous evaluation of Danzeng Luo Pei.No matter in receiving and handling the police, internal work, or in his fallen command and dispatch work, Danzeng Luopei always keep in mind the mission, charge in the front, with serious and responsible, loyal performance of the practical action, to show the responsibility of a people’s police.Zhang Tao, director of the command center of Lhasa Public Security Bureau, said that In the past four years, Danzeng Luo Pei has been sticking to the “behind the scenes”, from 110 police response, command and dispatch, major security activities, and then emergency response, police situation evaluation…A mobile phone, a phone, a computer, his day is busy in these simple combinations, supporting the operation of all kinds of police work, maintain and protect people’s life and property safety.Zhang Tao said that In the seemingly dull but meticulous command and dispatch work, Danzeng Luo Pei never complained, he always quietly followed the difficult work, with a highly responsible attitude to his own work, to ensure that there was no mistake in all the work.From the desktop deduction, clues patrol, major police situation follow-up, to large and small work security and other business work, Danzeng Luo Pei always do always master and familiar with, and strive to learn their own police command and tactics to the extreme.Lhasa police said that during his short career as a police officer, He did not change his true character and spread his fiery youth in the cause of public security, which he loved.Source: Chinanews.com