Looking for the flavor of the New Year, just at the right time!In Hongkou business super one-stop purchase colorful Spring Festival goods | Love live warm heart spring

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Based on the epidemic prevention and control measures, the shopping malls and supermarkets in Hongkou are designed to provide one-stop shopping for MUJI lunar New Year goods with a great sense of ceremonySeven fresh large shopping space of vegetables, fruits, baking products, apparel jam-packed rui hong and sun palace LG43B chamber box horse Shanghai magnolia plaza on marina square life B2 layer, B1 bailian QuYang shopping center 2 floor ALDI Mr Le qi both traditional Chinese couplets and New Year adornment in the home can get to come and see what treasures gifts!No. 2-6 lane 330 South Road no. 777 East Baoxing Road Scientifically wear masks while shopping maintain social distancing Do a good job in personal protection.Who would you pick for hongkou food?❸ tears eye!Baymax’s New Year’s letter to The airportIn 2025, you will see this change in Hongkou