Resolving the “Difficulty” in real Estate Registration and solving the “worries of the People”

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Small property card, affecting thousands of hearts.For a long time, due to various reasons, many historical problems have been left in the registration of real estate, leading to owners unable to handle the certificate of real estate ownership.In this regard, Dunhuang City, since the second half of last year, has actively explored the issue of “difficult registration” of urban residential buildings left over from history by resolving, renovating and dredging, so as to realize the “acceleration” of certificate handling.For homebuyers, the happiest moment is when they get the keys to their new home.But after buying a house can not register the certificate, really let the buyers fly in the ointment, also unavoidably heavy.Song Yancheng is an old resident of Heshunyuan Community in Dunhuang City. However, due to historical problems in the building he lives in, his house property right certificate has been delayed.In this way, a paper housing property card will become song Yancheng’s heart event.In the second half of last year, Dunhuang city made efforts to solve the problem of “difficult registration”, and Song became the first person in his community to apply for a real estate certificate.Song Yancheng said: “At that time after paying the house expenses, I wanted to get a certificate.At that time asked the management personnel, can not handle the main reason is he Shun yuan community fire inspection and safety inspection did not pass.Finally passed, relevant departments timely inform us to handle card.In the process that handle card, development business gives data very fast, took all data that day, also be done that day to citizen center, efficiency is very high.I feel comfortable living here now.”Immovable property registration involves thousands of households and concerns the vital interests of the masses.In fact, the real estate certificate is a more intractable problem.Or due to incomplete procedures, or due to the lack of funds and other reasons, resulting in part of the community residents can not carry out real estate registration, to the residents real estate certificate has brought great inconvenience.In order to thoroughly solve the people’s urgent and anxious problems, governments at all levels, from the central to local governments, have taken multiple measures to fundamentally resolve the difficulties in registering and obtaining licenses for urban housing that has been sold on state-owned land.Since the second half of last year, Dunhuang City has actively responded to the relevant working spirit of the state and provinces, and identified the disposal of historical legacy issues of real estate registration as a major livelihood issue, listed in an important agenda, and focused on resolving them.Relevant departments conducted extensive research, and in accordance with the requirements of one set of plans for one problem, designated personnel were assigned to carry out the work one by one, so as to “solve one problem at a time”, effectively solve the people’s “urgent problems, worries and expectations”, and truly enable the people to live and work in peace and contentment.Yang Xinpeng, director of The Real estate Registration Center of Dunhuang city, said, “Since last August, we have worked with relevant departments such as housing construction, taxation and court to clear up the remaining problems of the difficulty in obtaining licenses in the whole city’s residential areas.After touch row, we in accordance with the ‘card pay separation card punishment separation parallel handling’ principle, for these residences, take a plot a plan a measure of this way, focus on the residential district to solve the problem one by one.”Ma Chaoli, a cadre of Dunhuang Housing Security and Real estate Service Center, said:”Since the second half of last year ‘registration difficult problem, we cooperate with bureau of natural resources, live built bureau, quality inspection station and other relevant departments, supervise and urge the development enterprise to deal with the commodity house project planning acceptance and final acceptance for the record, property inspection and acceptance for the record, spot sales of commodity house opens to booking a turn for the record business, which laid a foundation for the person that buy a house for real estate registration.”The reporter learned that in the process of solving the problem of “difficulty in obtaining licenses”, the relevant departments of Dunhuang City, in accordance with the policy of each community’s historical problems, urged to cooperate with developers to perfect the procedures.At the same time, strengthen the supervision of real estate certificate handling each link, timely find problems, resolve conflicts.Developers also actively cooperate with the public for the registration of real estate timely provide relevant materials, and mobilize the community owners to actively handle the certificate of real estate right.Guan Jinxin, a staff member of Dunhuang Shazhou Real Estate Development Co., LTD., said, “At present, our company provides the initial registration certificate, the full invoice of the house, the application form for real estate transfer and other materials that need to be registered for real estate.The enthusiasm of the owners is still quite high, many people are the first time to consult, we will cooperate with the residents to handle the real estate registration certificate.”In Jufuyuan Community, Dunhuang City, real estate registration has become the focus of recent owners.Wu Jiankui and Pan Yongyong are the earliest residents of this building. For various reasons, they have not applied for the real estate right certificate.Recently, as the city to resolve the state-owned land has sold urban residential historical legacy “difficult registration” to advance the problem, they soon collected the relevant information, the two are ready to handle housing real estate certificate as soon as possible.Wu Jiankui said, “I bought my house in May 2017. Now I have completed all the relevant procedures for the property ownership certificate, including official invoices and maintenance fund tickets. I am going to apply for the property ownership certificate recently.”Pan Yongyong said: “ready to have time to hurry past certificate, now everyone is dealing with real estate certificate, with the certificate is their real estate, certainly good.”It is understood that since the second half of last year, Dunhuang City focused on the historical legacy of 27322 houses in 55 projects.At present, 27,322 houses have been cleared of historical problems, and more than 15,000 houses have been registered and issued. The rest are still being registered and issued.Ma Zhaoli said: “since last year, we dealt with a total of 31 commercial housing presale to sell now, after the presale to sell now, people can sign commercial housing and development enterprises to sell contracts, real estate registration procedures, so as to solve the problem of ‘difficult’ to buy a house.””For the convenience of the masses, we opened a green channel in dunhuang Civic Center for real estate certificates.At the same time, we have carried out extensive publicity and mobilization for the community residents who have solved the problem, and straightened out the relevant procedures together with the tax department and the housing administration department.At present, runzi yuan residential area, Jiangnan town, Jufu Yuan, shun Yuan and other residential areas have been fully equipped to buy houses for the masses to handle the conditions of the card, welcome the masses to the Dunhuang civic center A area for real estate registration.Yang Xinpeng said.Do a good house ownership certificate, is an important step for people to “live in peace”, get the certificate of real estate right, buyers will eat “peace of mind”.Dunhuang city solved the “anxiety” of the common people by solving the “difficulty in registration” of housing, and the common people applauded.Here, we also remind the general public, to improve the sense of property rights, timely pay attention to the recent registration of real estate rights related information, take the initiative to register real estate rights, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.