With a total of 4,000 hours of service, more than 1,000 volunteers in Dongcheng made the Winter Olympics even hotter

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In the streets and alleys, business districts, parks, railway stations and bus stations in the east of Beijing, a touch of voluntary blue can be seen everywhere in the cold wind.Pass a band-aid, write a guide road, stop some uncivilized behavior, propaganda a winter Olympics knowledge……The city volunteers of the Winter Olympics have been serving the people with enthusiasm, love and sincerity. They have also been quietly guarding and paying for the smooth opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Winter Olympics volunteers serve citizens and tourists at a volunteer service station in Qianmen Pedestrian Street.”Small xu, come of so early.”At 8:30 in the morning of February 4, hou Dongxu, a volunteer for the Winter Olympics, arrived at the volunteer service station of Qianmen Pedestrian Street half an hour before he started working. He put the service materials neatly and did a good job in the work environment.”The day of volunteering begins!”As a college student at Beijing Information Science and Technology University, she is both happy and excited about volunteering for the Winter Olympics.It was the fourth day of the lunar New Year. Hou dongxu originally planned to pay a New Year visit to her grandmother’s home with her parents, but in order to ensure the site’s volunteer service, he changed it to a New Year call in advance.On the phone, Hou’s grandmother told her: “As a glorious volunteer of the city for the Winter Olympics, you must do your job well, be polite to tourists and help others as much as you can.””It was cold, but I felt warm in my heart.I am extremely proud and honored to work on the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”City volunteers take photos of visitors at the volunteer service station of the Winter Olympics Cultural Square in Ditan Park.Wang Weixin is a veteran volunteer with 15 years of volunteering experience.Every morning to not far from home in Beijing station party members duty kiosk has become a habit of him, the Chinese New Year is no exception.”Is there a place where I can charge it?My cell phone is dead.”On the morning of the fourth day of the lunar New Year, an anxious traveler came to the guidepost asking for help.”Young man, we have charge treasure here, you don’t worry, come in while warm while charge, wait for the electricity to be full again walk.”Wang weixin said, pulling the young man into the kiosk.”Beijing Railway Station is crowded with people, especially during winter and summer holidays and the Spring Festival. There are so many people taking the train. Many tourists find it difficult to get off the train and see so many buses and platforms parked on the roadside.We volunteer guides are for travelers coming and going.”With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the guiding Pavilion, as one of the volunteer service stations, has taken on the responsibility of providing services for the Games. “The Winter Olympics is a grand event,” wang said. “We should provide warm services to facilitate others, make ourselves happy and add splendor to the event.”Winter Olympics volunteers serve citizens and tourists at the volunteer service station of Dongzhimen Transport Hub.”Once WHEN I was in trouble, volunteers helped me.Now, I wear volunteer blue and become a volunteer to help more people.”Ma Chengpeng, a winter Olympics volunteer, explained why he volunteered.Directing passengers, carrying luggage and pushing wheelchairs is ma chengpeng’s ordinary weekend life, which he has been doing for more than 10 years.As a migrant worker from Anhui province, Ma chengpeng has been volunteering in his spare time and has become the head of the Beijing Hui Volunteer Service Team. “No matter as a migrant worker or a volunteer, I think giving always pays off,” he said.On the occasion of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Ma chengpeng organized volunteers to walk into the volunteer service station of ditan Park Winter Olympic Culture Square and provide warm service to tourists with their rich volunteer service experience.For Ma, wearing “volunteer blue” is not only a symbol of volunteering, but also a responsibility. “Everything is worth it,” he said.Winter Olympics volunteers serve citizens and tourists at the “warm Space” volunteer service station in Jiaokou Street.”How can I help you?””, a “Nothing, we have!”Today, more than 1,000 volunteers in Dongcheng have become the “answers” and “reassurance” of citizens and tourists. Since they started working on January 1 this year, they have continuously polished the foundation of dedication with nearly 4,000 hours of volunteer service.Text: Wang Huiwen Picture: Youth League District Committee Editor: Wang Yaochen Review: Wei Xiaoying