Zhejiang Longgang Branch of China Telecom helped develop the nucleic acid online platform to enable epidemic prevention and control

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Since early march a hangzhou yuhang transit depot express new crown virus descendants by physical events, longgang branch of China telecom power local successively developed a “express industry epidemic prevention and control information system” “nucleic acid online” two digital application platform, applied to epidemic prevention and control of daily, to provide accurate and efficient nucleic acid on covering detection data support,Greatly improve the work efficiency.Under the guidance of The Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control of Longgang City, the R&D team of Longgang Branch of China Telecom successfully developed the “nucleic acid online” platform after four days and three nights of collaboration. It was officially launched on the afternoon of March 25, and quickly applied to the epidemic prevention and control work of key personnel in key areas.According to the engineer of the “nucleic acid Online” platform of Longgang City, before this system, the nucleic acid testing situation reported by units may be through wechat Solilong, and the data is not accurate.The platform connects with the data of Wenzhou Municipal Health Commission, and collects data of key personnel in key fields according to nucleic acid test results. If nucleic acid test is not carried out in time, the platform will inform key personnel through SMS notification or AI voice notification, so as to realize “all nucleic acid tests should be carried out”.Since the Novel Coronavirus transmission incident occurred in Yuhang Transfer Terminal of SF Express in Hangzhou in early March, Longgang City has attached great importance to it and made prompt plans. With the help of Longgang Branch of China Telecom, it has urgently developed the “Information System for Epidemic Prevention and Control in The Express industry of Longgang City” by digital means.At present, 74 express companies and 1091 express workers in Longgang City have been put under supervision by the system. Abnormal situations can be immediately pushed to enterprise leaders and industry supervisors for efficient rectification, realizing precise and intelligent control of the express industry.At the request of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Municipal Prevention and Control Office iteratively developed the “nucleic acid online” platform of Longgang City based on the experience accumulated in epidemic prevention and control in the express delivery industry.The relevant staff of longgang Social Undertakings Bureau who is responsible for the statistics of nucleic acid test data of longgang staff said that the platform directly binds personal health code and ID card, which is not only more accurate and efficient, but also reduces workload to a certain extent.Through innovation through data barriers, strengthening technology enable the epidemic prevention and control, “nucleic acid” online platform of practical, useful and effective to focus on the implementation of a nucleic acid detection work is no longer a complicated, compaction too personal, unit, industry executives, apanage responsibility, to help the epidemic prevention and control work carried out scientific, orderly and efficient.Source: Longgang Rong Media Center