140x 3D single selection all wins, the bonus is 210,000 yuan!Winning lottery people with what?Any luck?

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Previously, liaoning province has a local lucky 3D bonus activities, only the winning will get bonus.A lottery player from Benxi, Liaoning province, easily won the 140-bet lottery with six 3D votes and an additional bonus of 60,000 yuan, bringing the total to 210,000 yuan.In fact, in the lottery circle, with the single times voting won 3D lottery people everywhere, but the probability of the jackpot is actually very low, betting a hundred times or even thousands of times not lottery people more, lottery people can only be said to be very few.So what are these lottery winners based on?Lucky?Let’s take a look at the ticket that won the 140x 3D singles prize, and then take a look at what the winner said to find out.Above a total of 6 lucky 3D 22018 winning lottery tickets, among which the first two were respectively single note number bet 50 times, the back four were respectively single note number bet 10 times, all add up to a total of 140 times all hit the current 3D single prize, but also won the bonus bonus, a total harvest of more than 210,000 yuan.”I am an experienced lottery player who has been buying lottery for more than 10 years and I like lucky 3D games.There is also a certain amount of research on the 3D chart, and the winning numbers are judged by the chart. I feel that this group of numbers is good, plus the bonus activity at that time, so I bet more.”From the experience of the lottery lottery, he is very lucky, as for his winning experience, in fact, a lot of old lottery people have similar experience, and is exactly the same.In fact, no matter because of their own research numbers or other methods, if you do not have good luck, no matter how much research, no matter how rich experience, it is impossible to win the lottery, this is an inevitable accident.So, 90 percent of lottery wins are down to luck!Do you agree with that?Welcome to leave a comment, express your views or opinions.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to color sister talk