The seventh expanded council meeting of the eighth Session of Xiamen Private Science and Technology Industrialists Association was successfully held

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At 16:00 on March 11th, xiamen Private Science and Technology Industrialists Association held the eighth and seventh expanded Council meeting and the signing ceremony with Huaxiang Garden successfully in the headquarters building located in Guanyin.The meeting was presided over by the eighth secretary general of the association, manager of public relations Department of Aojiahua Intelligent Health Technology Group Co., LTD., and secretary General of the Association Huaqinghua.Meeting begin, first of all to care support the development of the society have been leaders at all levels, to concern and support of the association, the association will lead construction development, association directors, supervisors and all the members and member unit expressed heartfelt thanks, it is because the trust, support and help of the association, effectively promote the growth and development of the association.In the past two years, the association has held fewer offline meetings and activities due to the impact of the epidemic. I would also like to express my gratitude and salute to the staff and medical staff who are firmly on the front line of the fight against the epidemic.At the meeting, the association’s 2021 annual work report and financial report were reviewed and approved, and the work plan for 2022 was deployed.What is particularly mentioned is that the work in 2022 will focus on enhancing the value and role of the association platform. On the one hand, the association will continue to strengthen its self-construction, improve its services and promote the development of enterprises, and on the other hand, actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with government units and financial institutions to enhance the cohesion and centripeism of the Association.Actively build a bridge for foreign exchange and investigation, and lead members to go out to broaden their horizons and expand the market.At the same time, since March, the association continues to promote the “rotating president” activities, through the association’s rotating president to strengthen the horizontal exchange and cooperation with member enterprises, and organize various forms of business exchange activities, so as to promote the common development of member enterprises.Write Liao Zhina chairman for the deputy secretary-general of Li Huaina issue letter of appointment for better service to the member, to strengthen the association contact member unit, the communication between government departments, strengthen the society the party lead the society development, strengthen association and xiamen and fujian other merchants association study and communication, so as to fully play to the role of the association, to promote each work orderly.Nominated by the president, the meeting voted to hire Mr. Li Huainan as the eighth executive deputy secretary-general of the association.We look forward to Mr. Li Huainan, executive Deputy Secretary general of the Association in this platform, to shine and help the association better development.At the end of the meeting, Liao Zhinan, President of ccNA made a concluding speech: “Every entrepreneur here feels the impact of the epidemic on enterprises in the past two years.The epidemic has also had a great impact on the Association. Many offline activities have been carried out online, wechat media, video and offline individual visits. The collection of membership dues has been carried out gradually due to the impact of the epidemic.The 30th anniversary celebration of the association, which was originally planned to be held in 2021, has also been postponed due to the epidemic. It is hoped that the joint celebration of all members of the Association can be completed this year.The epidemic will eventually end. I hope all members will stay true to their original aspiration and stay united.Adhere to the association of unity and mutual assistance, and seek common development, will guideline from set out actually, association, such as strengthening the construction of society itself, improving service as the focus, to promote enterprise development, and communities in actively with government departments and other services, expand exchanges and cooperation between members by condensation strength, resources integration, in order to achieve win-win cooperation.Hua Xiang Yuan Tea Industry Co., LTD., founded in 2001, has become a comprehensive tea industry group integrating planting, scientific research, production, processing and sales.As agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise and national agricultural standardization demonstration zone, huaxiang estates adhere to the “make a nice cup of tea from the sources” belief, and has set up a major tea in the category of origin layout eight tea plantation, oolong tea, black tea, white tea, green tea and black tea and other core tea category, is in the industry to realize the core category of the construction of the tea plantation tea,It is also a well-known tea enterprise in the whole industry chain from source to terminal construction.In recent years, Hua Xiang Garden has been continuously helping the tea gathering in the golden Age, spreading Chinese tea culture to the world, and has gained an eye-catching position in the industry.At this meeting, with the participation and witness of the participants, Liao Zhinan, chairman of the Association, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiang Wei, executive director of Hua Xiang Yuan.In the future, both parties will uphold the long-term friendly strategic cooperative relationship, give full play to their own advantages, strengthen the alliance, promote each other, share resources, work together to provide better value-added services for the association’s members, and promote the development of enterprises.Chamber of Commerce yidai-Xiamen International Bank to build a bank-enterprise platform, help small and medium-sized enterprises better development.At this meeting, xiamen International Bank Xinglin Sub-branch, the association’s “service private economy co-construction unit”, was also invited. Lin Zongmin, president of Xiamen International Bank, led his team members to share the financial services project of xiamen Private Science and Technology Industrialists Association with “Trade Easy Loan”.Between banks and enterprises, only two-way construction, mutual support, co-existence and co-prosperity, to achieve a “win-win”.We hope that xiamen International Bank can also launch more and better Huiqi products in the future, to provide warm, convenient, safe and professional high-quality services for enterprises, and achieve a win-win situation between banks and enterprises.Xiamen International Bank xinglin Branch President Lin Zongmin