Too accident!The two veteran actors announced their divorce

2022-05-25 0 By

On February 18, actor Fu Dalong and actress Minli Rao announced in a post that they had amicably separated and ended their relationship.In a statement issued by both sides, the two men said it was the result of good communication and that they would no longer respond to and explain any possible discordant voices.Fu Dalong is recognized as the strength of actors in the circle, for the film “Dog” won the Huabiao Award for best actor, golden Rooster Award for best actor, he starred in “The Empire of Qin” is also a classic in the hearts of drama fans.Rao minli starred in the TV series “Zhenguan Changge” as the female number two Haitang while still in college. She has also starred in TV series “Mist of Blood” and “New Jade Goddess of Mercy”.Fulong married Minli Rao in 2010.Later, Fulong revealed that their wedding was very simple. “We talked about it for more than two years, and we got a license when we thought it was appropriate.Their parents had a meal together in Beijing without inviting relatives.”In recent years, Rao minli gradually retired from the entertainment industry, the two lives are very low-key, did not disclose too many details of their relationship.Tip: Support ← → arrow page turning