No matter husband and wife or lover, do not want to share these three things, love becomes a sad

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To the yearning for love all have, but what love brings is not full of romance, there are those minor details of the injury, often can give a person to leave painful heart scars.Toss and turn sleepless night, tears hazy morning sorrow.Love caused by sour, experienced people have cut skin pain.You look forward to the love of the eternal vows, but some people always play with emotions, their cold alliance to make the legend of enduring as the universe into nothing;You hope to grow old together with the person you are sleeping with, but some people are not sincere, their hypocrisy makes memories become a night of floating dream.If you’re a couple or a couple who don’t want to share these three things, it’s not true love.Money is the basis of material life, and love is difficult to completely get rid of the shackles of material life, so love in the romantic mood, but also more fireworks.Two people who love each other, more willing to consider for each other, can meet the material needs of each other under the premise of embellishing life with romance, so their love will not be trapped in the mire of money, be swallowed by the crazy sand of life.But some people who value money more are killing their relationships by obsessing over every penny, talking about money, shutting down when it comes to their income, hiding their spending and refusing to reveal their true financial status for fear their partner will take advantage of them.And when they talk about the cost of their relationship, they may brag, count their efforts, put on a show of hard work, exaggerate their efforts.This attitude is fundamentally insincere, or, to put it bluntly, not loving you enough.In the minds of those who love to value money, money wins when you compete with it.A person who loves you, will do long-term plan for your love, will not pay attention to the present petty profits, more will not calculate your harvest and pay, they will be able to bear in their own range of bold to love, will not let themselves and lover because of money heart discord, let their love bankruptcy.If pillow people will share money with you, he may be ready to spend the rest of my life with you, and when you meet a like to dig the details in money terms, often to calculate the cost of love, people who do not want to share with you the money, after decided that he does not love you, still leave for good, don’t let yourself live in chicken fly a dog to jump in the destruction.When it comes to good love, most people feel the urge to “show off”, which is recognition of their loved one, but some people keep it to themselves and sweep love into the corner of their lives, reluctant to announce their love to others.Of course, some people may be shy and unsociable, so they choose to enjoy the sweet love with their partner quietly, but there are also some people who use this as an excuse to maintain their “single” status.It is worth pondering its intention that the famous flower has a lover but does not show his affection.An unpublicized love, on the one hand, allows him to feel the joy of being wrapped in love, and on the other hand, does not prevent him from empathizing with others. Once he meets someone better, he can walk away from you with no strings attached, without having to deal with the pressure of public opinion.If you’re in a secret relationship, judge your partner’s reason for keeping it secret. If he’s just too shy to talk, give him courage with better love.If your partner has an agenda, speak up when he refuses. If he doesn’t care about your feelings, get out of the relationship.Those whose heart is to the sun need not be guarded by darkness.A good lover is like an alter ego who satisfies both soul and body.When you love someone, love will help you make a lot of choices, the glimpses of life to share with him, the joy and sorrow of heart to share with him, sharing life has become a way to express love.But some people are relatively silent when it comes to love. They don’t want to share their lives with their loved ones.Although they have passed the stage of holding each other late at night, as lovers, they are relatively “mysterious”, you do not know his past and present, as for the future of your feelings will be a mystery in the atmosphere of insecurity.Sharing life is not necessary in love, but it can be a medium to express love, those embarrassing embarrassments, moments of heartbreak, inner scars…People who love you are willing to share secrets that most people can’t tell. It means that you are not just a stranger, but someone they can trust.Through the life silhouette shared by the lovers, you can also see the truer and lovelier side of the lovers. Therefore, the life fragment shared by the lovers can become the lubricant of love and make love more mellow and touching in the polishing of life.If you truly love your partner, share your life with them. Those moments will become memories that will last long into your old age.The direction of love depends on the attitude of you and your lover. The one who is not willing to give his heart will make your love become a sorrow.Transposition thinking, we should not forget their role in love, do not because of these three things cool the hearts of lovers, resulting in separate ways, let each other’s life empty add a point of regret.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to white Horse amazing Sword