Set sail again!Intelligent Lighting and Drive technology seminar will be held soon

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On April 14th, the 41st AIoT (Zhongshan) symposium on Intelligent Lighting and Drive Technology will be held in Jinhui Hall, Lihe Square, Ancient Town, Zhongshan. Please look forward to it!With the in-depth development of AIoT era, the application of intelligent lighting is expanding, and the application of intelligent lighting is becoming more and more extensive. It exists in intelligent home, intelligent building, intelligent transportation, school education and other fields, and has great market potential.According to relevant data, only in the field of smart home, intelligent lighting occupies 16% of the market share.In the future, driven by smart home, the market size of China’s smart lighting industry will also accelerate expansion.At the same time, with the proposal of smart city, “dual carbon” goal and other related concepts, and the needs of residents’ life, work and study, intelligent lighting is gradually developing into a healthy, personalized and green direction, bringing people a more energy saving, comfortable and healthy experience.As the core technology of intelligent lighting, drive technology has always been widely valued by the industry, and efficient and reliable solutions have become a consensus.However, in many new products, new technologies and solutions, continue to understand, choose, believe in the most appropriate application scheme has become a required course for colleagues in the industry.After 40 sessions of AIoT& Intelligent Lighting and Driving Technology Seminar, the accumulated experience and resources have formed a certain influence in Zhongshan, and received the attention and active participation of colleagues in the intelligent lighting industry.The 41st AIoT (Zhongshan) & Intelligent Lighting and Drive Technology Seminar will be held on April 14, 2022 as scheduled, please look forward to it!This seminar also has four highlights: this seminar will focus on intelligent lighting and power technology innovation, but also zhongshan lighting industry a technical exchange event.Highlight 2: This seminar focuses on the key technologies of intelligent lighting. The participants will be able to communicate with the technical, design, R&D and application engineers of the lighting industry face to face, clash of ideas and establish cooperative relationships.Highlight 3: This seminar is not only the latest domestic intelligent lighting solution exchange meeting, but also the forefront of new technology, new products and new solutions in the lighting industry.Highlight 4: The seminar will also set up a display area, will gather domestic and foreign brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition, including domestic and foreign intelligent lighting excellent solution providers, one-stop easy access to high-quality lighting industry resources.When attending the crystal FengMingYuan, will be easy to microelectronics, silan microelectronics, China resources microelectronics, maxime sheng science and technology, and into the microelectronics, easy to explore science and technology, YuanSheng technology, deep love, set up product electronic semiconductor, aihua group, YunRui enterprises, such as electronics, coney sheng electronic they will carry the latest products and solutions to show, to provide the reference for the audience and communication medium.The 41st session of AIoT& Intelligent Lighting and Driving Technology Seminar is a chance to enjoy the following benefits!1. If you register in advance, you can get 30 RMB meal bonus red envelope!(Registration is only available before April 2, whole lamp, drive power supply, controller, enterprise R&D, procurement and R&D management participate in the on-site claim!)2. The group leader receives welfare, and participants receive special benefits for the group leader: ¥100 JINGdong shopping card (three people), ¥200 oil card (six people), ¥300 cash red envelope (ten people), ¥500 cash red envelope (20 people).Benefits: Members of the tour can get free meal allowance cash red envelope.(Only group before April 8, the whole lamp, drive power supply, controller, enterprise R&D, procurement and R&D management participation!Only one collection per person is allowed.3, : You can get 10 RMB cash red envelope by sharing moments or groups.(Before April 12, all participants can get a gift for free by checking the sharing record.)Finally, on April 14th, AIoT& Intelligent Lighting & Drive Technology Seminar is looking forward to your registration and participation!This article is the original article, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source in front of the article