After a couple angered by insulting Asians’ go back to China ‘, the wife’s school is doing a great job!

2022-05-27 0 By

A video of a Temecula teacher in Riverside County and her husband making racist comments about two Asian women has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, drawing millions of views and a lot of criticism from Asian groups…It is understood that after the incident, both husband and wife were suspended and fired.The video, filmed by Temecula’s Sandra Miller at Fashion Island, a shopping mall in Newport Beach, Orange County, shows the woman hurling abuse at two Asian women, saying, “America is the land of the free!Go back to China!”America is a free country!Go back to China!.Earlier, she said asians should stop spreading novel Coronavirus.”We are not Chinese at all,” the Asian filmmaker can be heard telling the two men.The woman who made the anti-Asian comments in the video was later identified as Sandra Miller, a teacher at Linfield Christian School in Temecula.After an uproar in the AsiAn-American community, Linfield School, where Sandra worked, issued a statement saying that after discussing the matter with Ms. Miller, Linfield terminated her employment with immediate effect.Ms Miller’s statement does not reflect Linfield’s beliefs, is inconsistent with Linfield’s mission statement and does not live up to the example Linfield expects its staff to set for its students.”As for her husband, an employee of the City of Coronado, he has been suspended pending an “independent, full and impartial investigation.”Connie Chung Joe, chief executive of Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Los Angeles, said: “The level of hostility towards the Asian community and the feeling that we are the cause of this pandemic is still very real.””I want to say to this couple, I hope you understand the seriousness of your words,” he said. “I hope you understand that when you tell AsiAn-Americans to ‘go back to China,’ you are saying to all AsiAn-Americans watching this video, we will never be American enough.”