Come to Yongda to buy Ford Ruijie PLUS enjoy 5000 yuan of great benefits

2022-05-27 0 By

Want to see Ford to Yongda, enter the door politeness greatly!Yongda Ford Harbin Store VIP Hotline:17044206440 New generation Mondeo hot booking in the pre-sale period 3333 yuan to 6666 gift only booking can enjoy don’t miss the whole 2.0T, 8AT starting pre-sale price 159800 nearly 5 meters long car now or never,First set first VIP hotline: 17044206440 “Jump level new car” new generation Fuyris enjoy the first payment of 4800 Yuan for 2XXX yuan;Provide door-to-door test drive service, save time 0 waste;Ford Raptor, Mustang, F-150 and other new overseas models enjoy low prices in the same period in the province, not afraid of comparison;Now into the store unconditionally send beautiful gifts more draw cash red envelopes, car booking awards activities;Enterprises and institutions, large customers, dealers and other vehicles purchase a large discount, sincerely invite cooperation!Address: No. 8 yongda Road, Songbei District, Harbin, China VIP Hotline: 17044206440