The short cycle of local anecdotes in Ming Dynasty

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The qing dynasty emperor kangxi years jiangsu somewhere there is a big family surnamed zhao, being doted on by parents in the home, hope he can by reading books you passed the imperial fame, do a tight to propitiate is high because of this formed the fault, attitude toward their own household servant also is very poor, as long as do not this Zhao Gongzi thoughts, he is playing the scold,His relationship with the servants was bad, but because of his status, the servants had to endure it.Until one day when this Zhao childe went out to travel, he met such a thing, when he visited his friend in Gaoyou, he felt cold by chance, bedripped in the boat gaoyou returned home, was absentminded, suddenly found himself as if walking to the shore, feel very refreshing and comfortable.After a while, someone else led him on, but he forgot why and asked no questions.Childe zhao followed him to a house. The door and the road were gorgeous and neat.When he went into his inner room, he saw a young woman giving birth.As he tried to retreat, the man clapped his hands behind him and became dazed.After a long time, I gradually wake up to find that my body has shrunk, wrapped in a beautiful swaddle.There was nothing I could do about it knowing it was reincarnated.When I wanted to speak, I felt the cold coming through my head and forehead, and I kept silent.He looked around the room and found that the table, couch, antiques, couplets and calligraphy could be clearly seen.On the third day, a maid took him in her arms to take a bath. She gave a sudden cry and dropped him to the ground. Once again she was dazed and lost consciousness, and woke up and found herself still lying in the boat on the way home.After that, his family said to him, “Childe, you have been dead for three days, but they did not dare to bring you in because they found your limbs soft and your stomach and chest still warm.I can’t believe you actually survived.After hearing this, Childe zhao felt very surprised and hurriedly took a piece of paper to record what he had seen and heard during his illness on the ship.And he sent his servants by certain roads to certain doors, and told them not to beat their maidens excessively.At the same time detailed slowly for the people at home narrated this matter.And on the same day he was suddenly cured.Then Prince Zhao went to the house according to what he remembered at that time. He saw the maidservant and the old woman as if they had known each other before.The owner of the family was old and childless. Childe zhao told him his experience, and they both sighed and marveled at each other.Later, when Prince Zhao talked with his friend Wang Shan again, Wang Shan said that he had experienced the same thing not long ago and remembered the family.Later, Wang Shan went to look for him. Sure enough, one day the family gave birth to a son, who died immediately.Wang Shan spoke of the situation very clearly, probably similar to what Childe Zhao had said.But Wang Shan remember to do not remember to return.Childe zhao, on the other hand, came and went clearly, and met his deceased servant on the way. When he arrived home and entered his inner room, he found his wife and daughter sitting together. There were minor differences in these details.Prince Zhao later said that the concept of reincarnation was rejected by Confucian scholars, but in fact it always existed.Only two people briefly into reincarnation, then return to the noumenon, for no reason now this dream bubble, can not be deduced with common sense.Outside the four sides of heaven and earth, the saints exist and ignore, temporarily doubt good.New Year’s Eve for literary and historical experts