800 yuan blind box cost only 30 yuan!In order to draw the hidden money, some consumers spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy 106 blind boxes

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Some people say that 2021 is the year of “breaking the circle” of blind boxes.From the original toys to the current catering, cosmetics, stationery, books, and many other consumer areas have set off a trend of blind boxes.However, while the “everything can be blind box” is becoming more and more popular, the problems behind it are also becoming increasingly prominent.Some consumers said that the inflated price of goods, induced excessive consumption, as well as poor product quality and other situations have occurred.Reporters visit found that in the major business circles, shopping malls, blind box goods sales shop almost became a standard.Blind boxes also occupy the most prominent place in grocery stores, cultural and creative stores, or stand-alone vending machines.The post-90s Xiaoxiao used to be a veteran blind box fan.Over the years, there are as many as 100 ornaments in her home, and her trophies are everywhere on the desk of her office.However, in recent years, as prices have skyrocketed, the price of blind box products has been far higher than their actual value, especially some products that cost a lot of money and are not as perfect as imagined.Let her have to rational choice “out of the pit”.Consumers smile: some dolls are fried very high, the work may add up to 30 dollars, but like some basically already fried to seven or eight hundred dollars a.Blemishes a few years ago very much, have overflow color.In random interviews with reporters, there are not a few consumers who share xiaoxiao’s cautious attitude towards blind box consumption.Consumer: The price is a little inflated, the quality control and texture are a little discounted.In addition, the blind box circle has an out-of-the-box game called hidden game that consumers are addicted to.There are consumers frankly, the probability of hidden money is very low, once not hesitate to invest a lot of money to buy, and the most exaggerated is to take out no less than 100, spend thousands of yuan in order to get it.The controversy caused by blind box consumption has also been searched frequently. Some time ago, the blind box co-branded by a well-known catering enterprise and Baomaomat was wildly sought after by consumers after its launch. There are 6 ordinary boxes and 1 hidden one in the whole set.Some consumers paid 10,494 yuan for 106 blind packages.Consumer: Not a fan of this hunger marketing approach, it just makes consumers more engaged and buy more and more.Regulators have also noticed the chaos in the blind box market. In January this year, Shanghai took the lead in issuing the Shanghai Blind box Business Compliance Guidelines, which stipulate that “blind box operators shall not sell blind boxes to minors under the age of 8;When selling blind box goods to minors over the age of 8, it shall confirm that the consent of the relevant guardian has been obtained through online and offline methods such as on-site inquiry or online identification “.In addition, the China Consumers Association also pointed out that some illegal businesses use blind boxes to sell last-minute goods or fake and shoddy products.Inducing impulsive consumption of minors in the name of collection, rarity and limit;In the process of the development of blind box economy, the problem of merchants refusing to undertake the after-sale responsibility of blind box products is gradually exposed.Source: CCTV Finance