Changsha housing prices have risen for more than ten months, but Changsha housing prices are still low

2022-05-28 0 By

Changsha property market landlord is not too much enthusiasm for Changsha housing prices, during the Spring Festival changsha second-hand housing listing price actually fell, really and changsha property market turnover some mismatch.It seems that from July 2020 to 2021, changsha housing prices have risen for more than a dozen months in a row, which is also the changsha property market in these years saved just need buyers to use up.Although there are still many people who need to buy houses in Changsha, most of them will have already bought houses in 2020 and 2021.In the past year, changsha’s housing price has increased by 10% on average, but the internal differentiation is very obvious. In some areas, the housing price has increased by 30%, while in some areas, the housing price has fallen instead of rising, such as Furong District, which clearly belongs to the main urban area of Changsha, but the housing price has fallen instead of rising.Nowadays, changsha’s housing price is still relatively friendly to young people. Although some people say that Changsha’s housing price is not very low, in fact, compared with cities of the same level, changsha’s housing price is really low.Like in the new house, changsha new house prices are the highest only 25 thousand, even 30 thousand are less than, and look at the same level of Xi ‘an, new house prices are in 25 thousand or more.An ordinary improvement in Xi ‘an, in Changsha can buy a top – class improvement of the house.Changsha property market Indian Summer heat will not be too big, but there will be Indian Summer.# Changsha ## Changsha headlines ## Changsha buy a house ## Changsha break the news ## Changsha information #