A letter to college student volunteers of Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

2022-05-29 0 By

Dear College student volunteers for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games,At this time of the Spring Festival, gathering, remarkable 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, winter paralympic games is about to begin, you give up the reunion with your family and friends, sacrifice valuable professional learning time, bucket of ice and snow, the cold war, at the winter Olympic Games at the forefront of division, as the “wonderful, special, excellence” contribution to the success of the Olympic Games to hold the hot youth strength.Here, hebei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security would like to extend our high respect and festive greetings to you!Responded to the requirements of the relevant provincial committee, the provincial human resources and social security department jointly with the related departments to study the institution open recruitment incentive policy, starting in 2022 for graduates college students volunteer service games, winter paralympic games in practice with the “three a hand” program, voluntary service in western countries such as termination of service personnel at the same policy,Each year, 10% of the recruitment plan will be used to recruit national grassroots projects and volunteers for the Winter Olympics.This fully reflects the provincial party committee and provincial government and the people of the province to serve the Winter Olympics college students volunteers care and love.I hope you will show the spirit of young college students in the new era, with first-class style, first-class performance, first-class contribution, welcome the party’s 20th victory held!Finally, I wish you a happy New Year, smooth work and a happy family!Hebei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security January 29, 2022