How hard is it to buy ice blocks in Wangfujing?Got to line up at 5:30 in the morning

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened, for ordinary people, how to get closer to the Winter Olympics?It’s a good idea to buy licensed merchandise.On February 5, a long line of people who “wanted” to buy souvenirs formed at the flagship store of official licensed products on the first floor of Gongmei Building in Wangfujing, Beijing.They say “want” because they know the most popular items are already sold out, but they still want to take their chances — the line begins at 5:30 a.m. to get a taste of the soup.During the Spring Festival in Wangfujing, despite the cold weather, the flow of people is still very large. The team in front of the franchizing store for the Winter Olympics has always maintained a scale of two to three hundred people. There are about 10 staff at the main gate to maintain order and let customers enter the store in a dozen groups.Mr. Shi, a citizen, waited in line for more than an hour and finally gave up under the persuasion of the staff: “Before I entered the store, the staff said that the goods had been sold out and suggested that we come back to buy them in two days when there were fewer people.”Shi watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and was so impressed that he wanted to buy some souvenirs for his children and friends, but he didn’t expect the popularity of the shop.”Many friends across the country have found that there are no products available online and they want me to buy some and send them to them. I can only tell them ‘wait’ because I haven’t bought any of them yet,” said Yang, a citizen who wanted to buy winter Olympics souvenirs online but all the popular products at the official flagship store have been sold out.People are waiting in line, and if anyone has an “Ice Dadden” mascot, they’re definitely “the prettiest”.Mr Wu, a family of three living in Chaoyang, waited in line for half an hour near their home and finally bought a stuffed toy named Bing Dwen Dwen. When they went shopping in Wangfujing, they were immediately surrounded by envious eyes.How long did it take you to wait in line for that?””Do you have any more in the store?””Can I take a picture with you?”The citizen xiao Liang did not buy the blind box of the heart, can only settle for the next: “‘ other people’s ice dun dun ‘too envy people!Take a photo and post it on wechat moments to celebrate the opening of the Winter Olympics.”According to the clerk, the winter Olympics souvenir box has been out of stock for a few days, plush toys are urgently replenished.In order to cope with the sales peak, all the staff of the flagship store did not take a holiday during the Spring Festival, and the goods were often bought by customers before they were even put on the shelves.However, the store will be open until the end of March, and merchandise will be on sale throughout the period, staff said, adding that the store will do its best to keep the memories of the Winter Olympics alive for more consumers.Shenzhen Evening News special correspondent in Beijing Huang Wen