How to correctly understand Yandu Xian

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In Shanghai, if spring has a smell, it must be the smell of pickled duxian.When you search for “Yanduxian” on various websites, you can feel the spring scenery in the garden from the title.This spring in Shanghai not only makes the eyebrows of Shanghai people drop, but also attracts many old wives from all over the country, such as the Northeast style Yanduxian, and this one is going to teach you the “correct” method of yanduxian cooking.Oh, my God, people may be a little misunderstood about yanduxian.Therefore, today, we would like to solve a problem from the free postal areas of spring food – how to correctly understand yandu fresh.Cut the crap and get to the point.A good pot of yanduxian starts with, most likely, a piece of salted meat that was soaked with salt and spices, pressed under a big rock, and then dried in the cold winter…Or other salted parts of the second brother.Brother Xian, it can’t be made after the beginning of spring, so it must be the product of winter.Without it, Yanduxian lost a third of his soul.If yanduxian is the taste of spring, winter must be very unhappy.The beauty of yandu fresh is that the spring color beats the strong background color of winter, which is not salty.To be exact, Yanduxian is the gift of winter and spring in the South of the Yangtze River.The correct understanding of eryanduxian is the most efficient Chinese expression of three characters, explains the composition of ingredients and production methods, but also gives people a kind of daydream, people who have not eaten will certainly have appetite.Truly letter and elegant.There is no such thing as a correct pickle in the world, because the word pickle and pickle are both open propositions.In fact, the cooking method of curing Duxian is full of variables in Shanghai and even the whole free delivery area.Cured meat can be salted pork bang, salted pork Shoulder, salted hoof bang, or even Jinhua ham;Fresh meat can be fresh bang, fresh hoof, fresh ribs and so on;The only constant, that is the dedication of the two brothers.As for the fresh in another element, bamboo shoots, that is to break the existence of the head.Spring and winter bamboo shoots can be used in the soup, but for those who want to live well, add a touch of green to the soup. Well, asparagus is another option.Zhu Wei, the old chief editor of Sanlian Life Weekly, likes to put asparagus lettuce in yandu xian.Of course, there are flat pointy people who appreciate the shriveled beauty, such as Mr. Wang Zengqi;The tip of the tongue was on the fence.Anyway, the bamboo shoots in Yanduxian are very compatible, but if you want to get asparagus, you’re against the people in the all-inclusive area.Finally, there is another soy food ingredient, which will make people who do not understand tangle into a louver knot shape.All in all, there is no such thing as a correct and authentic yanduxian, and the pot of yanduxian in front of you must be just the way the chef likes it.In view of the fact that the ingredients of Yanduxian are largely contributed by the two brothers, the value of a pot of Yanduxian largely reflects CPI.Someone will bar, braised pork is ah, why can’t reflect CPI.Because yandu fresh pork has been preserved two or three months ago, as well as fresh pork from the market, it can reflect the lag of CPI and the continuity of the value, which is not the case with braised pork.The correct understanding of Wuyanduxian is the new Internet celebrity yanduxian in this dish, which seems to have become the same existence as the snail noodles in this dish, and is constantly created twice.It’s included in qingtuan and mooncakes, and unlike many weird and innovative fillings, the yandu fresh flavor seems to have been approved as the norm.According to this formula, yandu will rarely spend a day wrapped in shengjian, potstickers, and maybe yandu fresh flavored milk tea…Evil……Why would I want to come up with this to make myself sick.After baldness, the second most common health problem among young people today is gout.Seeing this, some people must say that Yanduxian is gout meal.Faced with a pot of meaty puree with a hefty dose of soy products, we can’t deny some scientific facts, like this purine content…Uh-huh;Like this fat content…;Like this sodium content…But, we advise our young friends, yanduxian, such a beautiful girl of spring, meet once a year, don’t bother, let’s do it together.-End – Script: Chen Not fun/Interview: Han Xiaoni/Camera: Lin Guohua Shenyang Yang Zhuo/narrator: Chen Not fun/Editing: Yao Zuhong/Na Mo Wen: Chen Not fun/All rights reserved