The president himself!M5: Just “add a little fuel” to drive 1400km

2022-05-29 0 By

February 8th, this afternoon, Huawei Consumer BG CEO, Cloud & AMP;Yu Chengdong, president of AI BG and managing director of Huawei, praised the battery life of AITO’s M5 on Weibo.The AITO M5 has a really good range, he said. It took him just a little fuel at the highway service station to cover the 1,400km one-way drive from his hometown in Anhui province back to Shenzhen.In addition, Yu also praised the comfort of the M5, seat massage, driving assistance and other functions to greatly ease the fatigue of long-distance.Finally, Yu chengdong also said that the test drive of the new car should be opened in Huawei stores across the country, and everyone is welcome to test drive experience.Wenjie M5 was officially released in December last year. The new car is the first model under AITO, a new brand jointly established by Huawei and Cyrus, which is deeply empowered and fully designed by Huawei.The new car has three models, with pre-sale prices ranging from 250,000 yuan to 320,000 yuan.Wenjie M5 is defined as “Hongmeng Car”, equipped with Huawei Harmony OS intelligent cockpit, which can achieve seamless connection with system equipment, comprehensively connecting mobile phones, cars, watches, smart home and other devices from the underlying technology, to create a new vehicle experience.Power system part, Wenjie M5 is built based on Huawei Drive ONE pure electric Drive extended-range platform, equipped with 1.5T four-cylinder extended-range engine, comprehensive range up to 1195km;Four-wheel drive performance version with dual motor four-wheel drive, maximum power 365kW, 0-100km/h acceleration time only 4.4 seconds.New car product conference, Yu Chengdong has said, ask bound M5 has the strength of the standard million luxury cars, the endurance has 3 times the ability of pure electric cars, power is second kill fuel cars, at the same time, the appearance, chassis and sound and other aspects are also with luxury car level.