The second generation of Changan CS55PLUS will never end the youth party

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If I didn’t have a special task, I would definitely be embarrassed to participate in the activity of the second generation Changan CS55 PLUS. I could feel the sense of disharmony among a group of young boys and girls full of youthful atmosphere.Since listed on changan PLUS series, all kinds of activities are around the theme of the younger, natural to participate in the activities, also is mostly young men, from king glory, escaped to the chamber of secrets, to kill the script, with media identity, I also became a regular in the chang ‘an activities, this advantage, be side took a fancy to a single friends,They asked me to take them to a Changan event.It happened that Changan CS55 PLUS held an event in the local area, and I took him to the event. I understood him very well. Everyone knows that Changan CS55 PLUS is a young model, and there will be many young girls who take a fancy to this car.My friend, in fact, is also the potential owner of Changan CS55 PLUS, the reason why he has not sold, is waiting for his goddess to appear, goddess like what he will sell what.In the test drive, he determined his goal, not only to buy a car, but also his ultimate goal, the girl’s high ponytail, a red hair is particularly prominent, but changan CS55 PLUS car decorated with a touch of red, well matched.The high-waisted dress and high-waisted line of the body also show the same physical beauty, and friends privately call this girl THE GODDESS CS55.?From the CS55 goddess, I also can feel the young man was filled with energy, are also beginning to really understand, why does it have to be the real meaning of changan CS55 PLUS young body, said no marginal face before design language, the first is to highlight the ideas of the young consumer groups may not be bound to pursue, the generation rules, for them,No longer has any binding force, the pursuit of freedom is their purchase of cars, but also the ultimate purpose of life, both sides of the LED headlights sharp shape, in addition to meet the lighting function, but also to meet the young people for the pursuit of beauty.The side waist line is very high, it looks like there is an upward spirit, to meet the young SUV models, no longer blindly emphasize calm, but to reflect the personality.Just like the CS55 goddess with a touch of red hair, the red trim decoration on the car body becomes the finishing touch of the vehicle, making CS55 PLUS stand out in the vast sea of cars.The size of the car body is 4515/1865/1680mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2656mm, which provides ample space for the car. Whether it is for single men and women driving, small couples traveling, or even a family of five traveling, the space of the car is friendly for everyone.Tail-lights composed of 128 LED light sources and exhaust decoration of both sides make the back of this car look particularly stylish.In the car, the new LCD instrument and the 12.3-inch suspended central control screen are all the favorites of young consumers, especially for the car owners born after 1995. They are the network natives and have an innate love and dependence on these electronic products. Changan CS55 PLUS is also the favorite of them.And the reaction speed of the car and the machine has achieved a nearly perfect degree, so that the car owner can seamlessly connect the phone with the car and the machine.”FACE ID” FACE recognition function, gesture control function, not only make driving more convenient, but also increase the fun of driving.In terms of power, the second-generation CS55 PLUS is powered by a 1.5-tonne Blue Whale NE series engine with 138 kW of power and 300 NM of peak torque, which is the perfect powertrain for a 1.5-tonne engine.Changan CS55 PLUS in consumer’s eyes, is very perfect, just like in my friend’s eyes CS55 goddess, in fact, both have in common, are popular with young people dress up way, are all young people love the freedom of the United States, after the goal set, what the chamber of secrets escape, what play to kill, I this friend is stuck to the CS55 goddess.Moreover, it is not hard to see that CS55 goddess does not hate my friend, they get along very well, they seem to have the same life pursuit.And just a few days ago, my friend also told me that he was ready to pick up the car, the result is predictable.The reason why Changan CS55 PLUS can attract young consumer groups is not only because of its more youthful appearance design and configuration, but also because of its life attitude, which also wins the favor of young people. A never-ending youth party makes young people’s life more colorful.2022 Changan CS55PLUS Blue Whale version 1.5T manual luxury 92,900 ↓ 0.50087,900 price ask test drive 2022 Changan CS55PLUS Blue Whale version 1.5T double clutch luxury 106,900 ↓2022 Changan CS55PLUS second generation 1.5T double clutch luxury model 106,900 gift bag test drive 2022 Changan CS55PLUS second generation 1.5T double clutch noble model 113,900 gift bag 113,900 inquiry2022 Changan CS55PLUS Blue Whale edition 1.5T double clutch distinguished model test drive changan CS55PLUS second generation 1.5T double clutch pilot model 121,900 gift package 121,900 inquiryThe event will run from February 5, 2022 to February 19, 2022