Women don’t make money, do they?Daphne and other high-heeled shoes famous enterprises, many stores have been closed, you see

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Preface Every Spring Festival or season, people always like to buy some clothes for themselves, especially for women.They used to buy themselves a pair of heels a year.The husband is on a business trip, also always bring a pair of high-heeled shoes to his wife, win his wife’s favor.But now many people go to the mall, walk around the whole mall, do not know what to buy, as if the high-heeled shoes used to be women’s favorite, now have been “abandoned”.What is the reason for this? Is it that people’s aesthetic ideas have changed and no longer like high heels?For this, women are hard to make money?Daphne and other high-heeled shoes famous enterprises, many stores have been closed, how do you see?In today’s streets, almost no young girl wearing high heels, replaced by a variety of flat shoes.The original high-heeled shoes were praised and popular because the birth of high-heeled shoes represented class and power. Later, King Louis XIV of France took high heels for their elevating function, so high heels also became the exclusive property of the royal family at that time.High heels entered China during the Period of the Republic of China and became the standard for many fashionable women at that time. In many literary works left during the Period of the Republic of China, heroines wearing high heels were shown swaying.But over time, people’s love of heels has changed.According to the relevant institutions abroad, according to data from the survey of more than eighty percent of women through the heels after will reflect the foot pain, although look tall elegant high-heeled shoes to wear for women, but its disadvantages are also let more and more women began to abandon heels, another reason is that many parts are 996 a week, the existence of high heels is inappropriate.Another is along with the development of The Times, the awakening of women’s independent consciousness, more and more women don’t want to endure the foot pain after wearing high heels, to accommodate the men’s aesthetic tendency, so more and more people are buying shoes, no longer choose high-heeled shoes, this led to the high-heeled shoes of sales volume shrinking, in this case,Many high-heeled shoes manufacturers are facing an increasingly grim situation.Perhaps by now, many people can’t remember the last time they wore high heels. There are so many shoe styles on the market that women no longer stare at high heels when shopping.The market of women’s shoes encountered huge impact in such changes.Daphne used to be the first brand of inland women’s shoes, but now has gradually declined.Once Daphne was loved by many young people and was a symbol of fashion.But 2015 was a turning point for Daphne, which has since closed 1,256 stores a year on average.In fact, the closure of stores is not the most important factor, the most important is the reduction of profit and revenue.Daphne’s revenue reached more than 8 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2015, compared with more than 2 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2019.Revenue shrinks, profit also can produce huge change, Daphne ni begins to appear deficit 2015 the first year deficit specified amount reached 279 million HK dollars.Female shoe market is often “one rong all rong, lose and lose”, daphne’s loss forehead increases year by year, 2019 loss had exceeded 1 billion, as high as 10.7 billion Hong Kong dollars.Another well-known brand, Red Dragonfly, is going through a similar experience and seems to have reached a point where it can’t survive.Red Dragonfly’s growth accelerated after it went public in 2015, but its stores opened and closed on one side.In 2015 alone, Red Dragonfly closed 483 stores, or an average of 1.5 stores a day, out of sight.The reason for store closure is very simple, mainly because the loss has been continuous, we can only keep closing stores, save expenses, and only in this way can the enterprise survive.With the market downturn in recent years, many enterprises in addition to closing a large number of stores, but also embarked on the road of “delisting”.For example, once in the department store market scenery belle Group, the group is a large enterprise with strong strength, once the enterprise production of women’s shoes become the industry’s representative brand, many people are also very familiar with this enterprise, such an enterprise business decline to let everyone unexpected.With the poor market conditions, Belle Group’s revenue growth slowed down gradually, and the company’s profit even showed negative growth. As time went by, such situation became more and more serious. Finally, at the end of July 2017, the company was “excluded” from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, delisted and disappeared from people’s sight.The main consumer group of high heels is the majority of women, the change of female consumption concept leads to the change of the market, enterprises do not make timely response, will gradually lose the market.In fact, although women’s consumption concept has changed and high heels are not the first choice for women today, it does not mean that high heels have no consumer groups.Conclusion In fact, when the market changes, the manufacturers of high-heeled shoes should first know where the problem is and which kind of high-heeled shoes is the most popular and sells the most in the market, so as to conduct targeted research, production and learn experience. Only in this way can they finally achieve rebirth from the ashes.Today’s topic: Are high heels no longer popular?Why don’t women buy high heels these days? Because men?