“Four seas” : burst laughter, about a do between youth and adult dream

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Finally, on big screens across the country, the movie “The Four Seas” is here to stay.A small island surrounded by the sea, a rocky beach that juts out into the sea, a young man playing with a car, a father who has no purpose, and an Alzheimer’s grandmother who travels in a van.It must be said that this film is full of “Han Han” flavor.Literal romantic bridge, han Han shot a full human fireworks gas, jokes and conflicts are quite intensive, soft tone connotation and hard power laugh combination, outline a boy between youth and adult transition “heroic story”, this film can be called the First best film of the Spring Festival.Through this film, but also enough to see Han Han directed the film internal merit of another promotion.The film “four seas” the whole funny technique emerges in endlessly, all kinds of appropriate plot design, deliberately arranged to chase usurious police, put usurious small rascals and hide usurious male master in the same table for counterplay;Can also be male, she, between male father and Japanese brother, through the crash, part-time life episodes such as design a rare multiple conflicts……These are the advanced expressions of comedy.Aside from the humor element, the most striking feature of The Four Seas is its strong sense of reality.Island and motorcycle accompanied by the youth, with their dreams of love, fate was beating away from home, came to the international first-line metropolis Guangzhou.Under the neon lights, the two children, pure and clean, witness the complexity of the world.The “big man” who was laughing and chatting in the island nightclub was just an ordinary tower builder after taking off the mask;Young since childhood riding mountains and seas of the small motorcycle, there is even no freedom;Boys and girls who dream of burgers with necklaces and plush carpets find themselves struggling as jugglers at amusement parks and waiters at Chinese restaurants.The girl does not want to become the elder brother that all day long say spring and Autumn of small bludger, the boy also once spurned his own timid home all do not return of father, the wheel of fate or life of pushing worth while, even fled the island, also bet on dignity and sweat efforts, but ultimately also failed to leave their own once despised ordinary.Peel back the layers of the film, and what you see is teenagers in a drunken dream on the cusp of adulthood.Boys and girls, to each other, are primal and green desires;Huge boat nightclubs, motorcycle teams, cafes on the sea…Is a random out and annihilated in the trivial ideal.There are those who cling to a utopia in their youth, like the girl’s brother, sacrificing their ideals as foggy as the sea.Some give in to reality without a fight, like the motorcade boy who made it to the auxiliary police after giving up his friend.And more people, such as Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun general, have out of the comfort zone of action, for the ideal and the world for a round of fighting, and even finally with their own small motorcycle leap pearl River, in the self-proof of the prime mover driven, to some extent to achieve their own life.And take this as an opportunity to make peace with the glitz and noise of the world.