Is purple Fox with Qi Wuzhi?

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Is purple Fox with Qi Wuzhi?Purple Fox and Wuzhiqi get together in the drama version of Glass.Purple fox body dead, for qi without support for thousands of years of acacia suffering, has been in degree Erdao ready to cycle, qi impatient to find purple fox flash away.Purple fox in forget sichuan water before reluctant and without qi millennium memories, thanks to no qi rushed to stop purple fox degree, without qi already know their own mind will not miss the purple fox, two people will eventually be complete.Purple Fox is a sad character in “The Beauty of Coloured Glass”. Purple fox waits for his beloved for thousands of years and finally fails to get married with his lover. It is a completely sad character in the novel, but the emotional line of purple fox has been changed in the TV series.Every time I see purple fox waiting for qi without zhi, I do not know why I always think of zixia fairy that sentence: “my Mr. Right is a unique hero, one day he will wear golden armor, foot seven color auspicious clouds to marry me.”Demon than people more infatuated, a deep feeling of the deadline for more than one thousand years.”Glass” is directed by Yin Tao, Mai Guan Zhi, Cheng Yi, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi, Zhang Yuxi, Bai Shu, Hou Mengyao led the street of the classical fairy fairy TV series.This play based on the fourteen lang novel “coloured glaze beauty” rewrite, narrated born with “six knowledge” incomplete girl Chu Xuanji from Ze Palace apprentice Yu Sifeng in the encounter with love and past life of multiple pressure, hand in hand to all the bloody wind, created a very colorful fairy tale story.