Portuguese Cup: narrowly escaped penalty shootout, own goal + penalty reversal;Benfica Portuguese in the final

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Portugal’s Carling Cup ended with two semi-final matches yesterday and early this morning.The current second-placed Portugado and third-placed Benfica will meet in the final.Of course, the outcome is satisfactory, but the promotion process of the two teams also experienced some twists and turns.Benfica only went through to the final on penalties.Portuguese sports, on the other hand, are about winning after losing.Benfica are third in the Portuguese league but nine points adrift of leaders Porto, who knocked them out of the Portuguese cup.The Carling Cup is the only tournament in the running for the title.Group winners Benfica face group C winners Boa Vista in the semi-finals.The team, currently 11th in the Portuguese Super League, beat Ferreira and Braga in group stage to reach the semi-finals.Benfica are far more expensive than their rivals and the two sides have met in the league this season with Benfica winning 3-1.Benfica took the lead in the first 15 minutes when jaremchuk headed a long ball from the back of the field. Everton cut down the ball to form a semi-solo chance and hit the right side of the net first under the interference of the defenders.Everton missed a chance to increase their lead just before half-time when diogo Goncalves crossed from the left side of the box in the next 40 minutes.The second half of the situation changed, in the 51st minute, Benfica central defender Morato tripping in the penalty area, the referee decisively awarded a penalty.Gustavo outwitted Benfica goalkeeper Jose Vlajodimos and fired the ball into the right of the net.1-1!Boa Vista then attacked and created a number of good chances, all of which were saved by Vlajodimos.Pizzi’s shot was saved by Boa Vista keeper Burakali on the bottom line just before the end.The two teams are 1-1 and tied for a penalty shootout!Penalty shoot-out, Perez, Pizi missed the first round of penalties successively, then Musa shot was saved by Vlajogimos, de Santis took the penalty again wide.Boa Vista and on the brink of elimination.Benfica missed a penalty in the fourth round, but Weigel scored and benfica advanced to the final 3-2 on penalties.Portugal Sport 2-1 Santa Clara Last season’s league champion, Portugal Sport, has just been fined by Uefa and banned from European competition for the next three seasons.Unless the debt is paid by January.Their semi-final opponents, Santa Clara, had also received the same European ban as Portugal.Portugal needed a win to clear the air after losing in the last round.In the 15th minute, Portuguese left back Nuno Santos caused confusion when he swept down the left and the Santa Clara defenders kept the ball in front of the goal.Santa Clara, which had escaped, was struck back.Santa Clara took the lead in the 31st minute when Lincoln scored directly from a free kick.A few minutes later, Portugal scored a goal but it was ruled out for offside.In the 40th minute, Santos swept into the box again from the left. Santa Clara centre-back Villanova failed to respond and swept the ball into his own net. Portugal equalised with an own goal.Weak Santa Clara had another chance to score from a set-piece just before half-time, but it hit the post and Portugado escaped with a draw going into the second half.In the second half, Portugal continued to attack strongly, and in the 59th minute, a corner kick resulted in a handball from Santa Clara striker Costa. After the referee confirmed the VAR, the red dot was awarded.Salavia kicks the penalty kick, Portugal smoothly over.Santa Clara was unable to fight back and Portugal struggled to open the scoring, eventually winning 2-1.The final will be played at 3:45 am Beijing time (1:30 am).