Support Luo Zhiqiang fair participation in taoyuan mayor primary election, “recall the hero” MAO Jiaqing will be the first shot

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The Chinese Kuomintang taoyuan mayor has not been confirmed, causing concern.In view of blue camp Taipei city councillor Luo Chih-qiang intends to run for mayor of Taoyuan, island media person Wei an revealed yesterday, the KUOMINTANG taoyuan mayoral election primary election, “remove the hero” MAO Chia-ching to fire the first shot, support Luo Chih-qiang fair participation, and hope that the KUOMINTANG reform, should start from fair competition within the party.Mao Jiaqing WeiAn 30 posts in face book, said support lo chih-chiang equal participation, mayor of taoyuan primary election, the kuomintang (KMT), on the meeting, vice chairman Mao Jiaqing 31 to fire first, more than heard of taoyuan blue camp members will also open the press conference, in addition to reiterate taoyuan is taoyuan people, not party, more is not local factions, and called for the kuomintang on the people side,Conduct the primaries in a fair and democratic way with polls.Wei said that MAO Jia-ching, who is planning to run for the parliamentary seat in Chung-li District of Taoyuan City, will also attend the press conference.Wei pointed out that MAO jiaqing is lanying’s “disgraced leader”, from the removal of “times power” former legislator Huang Guochang, to the democratic Progressive Party taoyuan former legislator Wang Haoyu, “Taiwan foundation progressive party former legislator Chen Bowei, either in front of the stage, or behind the scenes.Although Mr MAO will run as an independent, he backed Mr Law for a fair chance to participate in the primaries.Wei an also believes that the KMT taoyuan mayor contest, I’m afraid the final is very difficult to coordinate, conscript the way to deal with.MAO jiaqing confirmed that he was suffering from blood cancer in April last year. At that time, he posted an apology to everyone he had offended, saying, “I sincerely apologize to you. I was wrong.For those who didn’t really offend him but were upset with him, “Let’s shake hands and reconcile. In fact, things have been so long, don’t be upset!”As for his loved ones, elders and friends, MAO jiaqing said, “You should believe that MAO Jiaqing will live tenaciously, right?”He said he would undergo chemotherapy at the hospital.[Xue Yang/Editor] # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Strait Herald