The average age of the five female stars of “Old Bestie” is 67 years old, and they are all old artists

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Today have such a new play will be launched in CCTV, that is the old girlfriends, like the title, is a woman with five older women as lead in the group play, this is novel, tells the story of five character between the old lady, because once you activities and know the friendship, and quickly produced Shen Hou together after many vicissitudes,They supported and comforted each other and began to find new values in life.They were born in 1949, 1954, 1954, 1958 and 1959 respectively. Their average age is 67 years old, and their own performing arts experience and experience is rich and profound.It can be said that they are all well-known and skilled old opera bone artists.Fuli wang, for example, a solo for decades shaped dozens of classic role image, because when I was young successfully shaped a corner Lv Ruifang, known as “world a sister-in-law” on the film, because of the superb acting and pervasive role image, fuli wang also harvest a another award, it also has been a long time no see on the screen fuli wang,It’s a lot of memories to see her this time.Pan Hong, for example, is also a well-known old opera bone, when young is a screen goddess of unparalleled elegance, with beautiful appearance and excellent performance, has won four golden rooster awards.Three golden phoenix award and three small hundred flowers awards best actress award, various size of countless awards, has been voted one of the world’s top ten star, Pan Hongze in recent years is the screen image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people’s mother or mother-in-law, this time to see her again the excellent performance is to let a person look forward to.Xiaoying song, for example, is also the screen smashing the old artist, fuli wang the cotai strip, xiaoying song also have wonderful performance, and then the candle in the smile “, “zhang”, “long march”, “the standard heroes” and “the native”, etc., xiaoying song in a and a classic film and television play has a very good performance.Xu Di, for example, it is very fire an old play bone in recent years, especially in the first half of my, Xu Di as provocative mother image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, also let the old play bone instantly fire ones, then in including my real friend and the love of cm hot drama, Xu Di and powder with excellent performance circle are many, many timesIt will be interesting to see what kind of character she will play this time.And Wu Mian, also a starred in dozens of good old play bone of film and television works, when he was young Wu Mian is also a gentle beautiful screen goddess, has been the sense that gives a person is also very graceful gentle calm, show more vivid fine deep, arguably the single from the five Japanese squad,I know that “Bestie” will be a feast of acting, so let’s get ready to watch this “Bestie” tonight.