Yue Yang Qu Yuan police uncovered an organization of others to steal across the border case

2022-05-30 0 By

Yue Yang Daily all media recently, Yue Yang Qu Yuan public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade uncovered an organization of others to sneak across the country (edge) border case, captured the suspect Shen Mou Jie (male, 30 years old, Hubei).On February 9, Yueyang city public Security Bureau Qu Yuan management district branch criminal investigation team filed a case to investigate Shen Mou Jie organized others to illegally cross the country (border) border case.In the determination of the suspect Shen Mou Jie’s foothold, brigade police immediately rushed to Hubei to carry out the arrest operation.After two days and a night of squatting, in Wuhan, Hubei will suspect Shen Jie captured.After the trial, the suspect Shen Mou Jie to its charge yi mou and other 4 people 250,000 yuan smuggling fees organized Yi mou and other people illegally smuggling to Myanmar (failed) confessed to the crime.At present, the suspect Shen Mou Jie has been detained according to law, the case is being investigated further.