Taxi and ride-hailing drivers are tested every other day

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In order to ensure the health of citizens, net about taking a taxi car safety, February 2, 2022, xi ‘an taxi industry issued a circular, required all on-the-job and web about taxi driver voluntarily accept supervision from the passengers strictly implement the next day a nucleic acid detection, all wearing masks, epidemic prevention and control measures such as disinfection kill on a regular basis.Passengers may ask the driver to show their nucleic acid test results and the driver must cooperate.At present, the taxi industry in Xi ‘an has resumed normal operation. In order to ensure the safety of both drivers and drivers, all on-duty drivers insist on taking nucleic acid tests every other day. Drivers who fail to complete nucleic acid tests as required are not allowed to work.The driver should take personal temperature self-test twice in the morning and twice in the evening, conduct comprehensive disinfection of the vehicle at least twice a day, wear masks throughout the operation, adhere to the principle of “one passenger for one ventilation”, and achieve “one passenger for one disinfection” for key parts of the vehicle.Xi ‘an taxi Management Office invites the general public to supervise drivers’ implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and drivers can be required to show their nucleic acid test reports when taking a bus.If the driver does not cooperate with the demonstration or the nucleic acid test exceeds the time limit, the public can call 88616457 to report, and the industry management department will recall the driver for rectification in the first time. If the case is serious, administrative punishment will be imposed according to law.The administration reminded the public that when taking a taxi or online taxi, they need to scan the QR code on the window of the car before getting on and show it to the driver, without the need to show the nucleic acid test results for 48 hours;After “green code” is displayed, get on the bus with a mask on, sit in the back seat, and keep the mask in place during the whole journey;”Yellow” and “red” passengers will not be picked up by drivers;For those who cannot use mobile phone scanning code for registration due to special reasons, they need to register information on the registration form manually.Drivers will refuse service if passengers do not scan before boarding as required, or do not wear masks at all times, which does not constitute “refusal of ride”.Source: Xi ‘an Press All media chief reporter Liang Fan Editor: Zhiyi review: Tianyi produced: Xi ‘an Press Media Group Xi ‘an Press · Xi ‘an Daily all rights reserved