Ziyun man’s resale of “bank cards” has been implicated in online fraud

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Ziyun man Huang mou goes out shantou to work, for petty profits, deal with “bank card” resale others, after being chased by the police online but unaware, when the cold shackles wear hand, Huang Mou this just wake up suddenly.· On January 15, 2022, Chen Nishi, a citizen of Huaibei city, Anhui Province, reported to the Public Security Bureau of Huaibei city that she was defrauded of more than 350,000 yuan by people who skimmed orders and rebate.After receiving the alarm, Huaibei city police after careful investigation found that anshun City Ziyun Autonomous county nationality huang mou is suspected of committing major crimes.Subsequently, ziyun police according to the grasp of the situation, began to launch an investigation of Huang.During the Spring Festival this year, ziyun Autonomous County public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade police master, Huang has returned to ziyun hometown after the Festival.Through the distribution of control, the police in recent days in huang’s home will be successfully captured.Faced with a surprise visit from the police, Huang was unaware of his alleged crime until he was handcuffed to a police car and realized that the resale of his “bank cards” had become a serious problem.· It is understood that Huang, who is only 18 years old this year, went to work in an electronics factory in Dongguan, Guangdong province with his friends after graduating from junior high school.Although Huang mou education is not high, but as long as can be diligent and sincere, every month five or six thousand wages income is not in words.Huang mou at work began to kill time with online games, and slowly addicted to online gaming gambling.Huang mou thought that gambling through the game can make a fortune, but after a few times of “gambling”, young age he not only did not hold the odd win, but is to lose a crushing defeat, which let the original affluent Huang Mou is heavily in debt.In the face of huge debt pressure, Huang is depressed all day, no longer have the idea of going to work, think of in the heart is how to get money to pay off debt as soon as possible.In mid-November 2021, a wechat friend introduced him to a way to make money. Huang was told that some people needed to buy some “bank cards” to help others with swipe rebates, and a card could be sold for three to four thousand yuan.· Hearing the profit, Huang went to the bank to apply for two bank cards without thinking, and then sold them to others at the price of 7,000 yuan.Huang does not know, however, that the bank card he resells is not to help others brush single rebate, but to carry out fraud diversion.It is understood that Anhui Ms. Chen in the network fraud, through the Huaibei police investigation found that more than 350,000 yuan was cheated were respectively into huang’s resale of the two bank accounts, and were taken out of cash.· After being arrested, Huang felt remorse for reselling bank cards, because his ignorant behavior not only hurt others but also himself.But in any case, Huang mou’s illegal behavior has become a fact, waiting for his inevitable legal punishment.At present, Huang mou has been handed over to huaibei police for further investigation processing.Summary Ziyun police suggest the general public and migrant workers: do not sell personal bank cards to others.The bank card belongs to the real-name system. If you sell your bank card for a small price, it may be used by the seller to engage in illegal and criminal activities, bringing huge legal risks to yourself, or even bear criminal responsibility.END statement the above information is from @Anshun Daily Big data wisdom all media reporter @Zhou Ting