Are factories having trouble hiring?Send a big red envelope of 17000 when entering the factory

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Are factories having trouble hiring?Send into the factory 17000 big red envelope factory recruitment difficult?According to a red Star news report, some companies offer red envelopes of 17,000 yuan when they enter their factories because they are having difficulty recruiting workers. They even hold a blind date event once a month.Some of them are well-known, but the company, named Xx Kang, has had many bad news before.Therefore, some netizens said, is there a shortage of people in a good factory?Long-term recruit people, is the boss lack of heart, moral, standing in the Angle of the employee why worry not to recruit people?This is the conflict between labor and capital. The boss may hire someone because the business is expanding, the business is booming, there are too many orders, or he wants to expand the scale and become bigger and stronger, or he wants to make more profits. Instead of paying taxes, he would rather pay wages and lead more people to achieve his desire for leadership.Why hire, is also dissatisfied with the existing staff, the boss’s staff is like a woman’s clothes in the closet, there is always one less.There is no best, only better.The truth is that jobs are getting harder to find and wages are getting lower.The netizen herself said it was an individual case and could be herself.If you don’t work hard today, try to find a job tomorrow.There is a game between labor and capital. The ideal of employees is not to work, to get more money, or even to be lazy, which may also have a game problem.No sense of identity for the enterprise, feel that the job has no future, or poor sense of social cognition.There are also their own skills are not enough, the business is not skilled, if there are shortcomings in conduct, then the boss will not be satisfied.The boss likes employees who can make money for themselves. You can’t make back your salary, so of course the salary is getting lower and lower.Boss choose and employ persons to see character, people have shortcomings, but the basic character is good, boss choose and employ persons to pursue perfection, and love is the same, people are not perfect, but the enterprise is the pursuit of perfection, so always recruit people, always complain about the lack of people.Excellent employees are eager to enterprises, but the talent can not be met, too good to start their own business, their own boss, do not work, work is impossible to work.Many young people like free work, free entrepreneurship, do not work, for nine to five work aversion.Enterprise management has a lot of systems, the system is too cumbersome, wenshan sea, bureaucracy, not humanization makes people disgusted, big enterprises inevitably bureaucracy, formalism, small companies flexible and loose, and lack of security, no guarantee.Factory employment, speaking of not decent, college enrollment expansion, undergraduate everywhere, undergraduate, always want to be white-collar, do management, do not want to enter the factory as a worker.Some enterprises work more overtime, pay is unreasonable, the system is rigid.Moreover now developed science and technology, many jobs may be replaced by machines, artificial intelligence, staff without a sense of accomplishment, or for the future existence of crisis, seeking higher technology content, will not be replaced by the machine position, so don’t want to into the factory, some factory is a robot factory, machine assembly line, the simple assembly line workers to be replaced at any time, to be eliminated.So, scientific and technological progress, the future may engage in cultural and creative industry many entertainment game industry, the demand for writers, writers, but the writers, writers need long-term education and training, and a lot of reading and the input, a lot of people from the media, make a short video, because think of the future development, culture, entertainment is a big business, and cultural and creative workers,The writer, the actor, the curator will not be replaced by the machine. The complex human expression of art, emotion, literature, performance, the machine has not reached that height.The shortage of personnel means the shortage of key positions, highly skilled and high-quality personnel. It does not mean that there are two legs to be pulled randomly on the street.The employee comes, the minimum you have to earn back your salary, earn not to come back may have assessment, performance, you are system.Enterprises to create profits, employees will feel squeezed, exploitation, labor conflict exists, game also exists.Now the employees are more and more intelligent, more eager to exploit the boss, the boss busy for a year, a calculation of their own is better than work, or even lost, raise employees, raise the landlord, pay taxes, may be too lazy to do.I think we should understand each other, tolerate each other, achieve each other, integrate employees into the development of the enterprise, the boss treats employees well, try to give good treatment, loose environment, more humanistic care!(1322 words) | kundera media Jane a sichuan and other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.