Chengdu Chunxi road free learning machine?Parents, please take care

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Would you be attracted to someone offering you free tissues, a stuffed animal, a watch and a learning machine?Encounter this kind of activity, parents, you don’t want to be too happy, maybe you just want to get a free “lunch” for the doll, but the reality is that you may spend thousands of yuan.Year of the Tiger Before the Spring Festival, in the streets of Chunxi Road, Ms. Wang and her family encountered this scene.At noon on January 23, 2022, near Qingnian Road, Jinjiang District, Ms. Wang and her family stopped in front of a shop named “AI Intelligence”.They are lured by free tissues handed out at the door, plush toys and, most alluring of all, phone watches.Ms. Wang recalled that the staff said, “Because the number of watches is limited, only let the scene with children to stay, to the store for free phone watches, to help them do a free publicity.”When Ms. Wang and her family followed the crowd into the store, a man who identified himself as the manager told them to stand around the counter. “They said children’s phones and watches are free, one for each family.Then he took out a few learning machines, saying that the company’s new products to promote, but also for free.”It is a learning machine, and the brand is also some familiar, Ms. Wang was not suspicious.Then, a person claiming to be the manager of the store continued to introduce to everyone that although the learning machine is free, after receiving it, you need to buy a learning card and activate it to use it, charging 30 yuan.Hearing this, some people left, but some parents, including Ms. Wang, scrambled to take out cash or open the qr code to pay, said they were willing to buy, “after all, 30 yuan is not very much.”However, the store manager’s attitude at this time has changed 180 degrees, “he asked everyone to take back the money, said just to test everyone’s sincerity, learning machine and watch are free.”Store manager this move, also gave up the concern of miss Wang more than half.The manager then told the rest of the store that the learning machine needs to be replenished constantly to download materials to work normally. Once the machine is replenished, 2,799 yuan will be charged, and the data card will be activated to use it for free for life.Ms. Wang said, “He repeatedly asked us whether we have the strength to give up spending money for children, also let everyone hold up the payment qr code to show him, said that the number of machines is limited, he only chose the strength of the gift.”Wang said she paid 2,799 yuan for a S30 learning machine, a T30 children’s phone watch and a black schoolbag after letting her guard down completely.Wang provide after-sales special credentials but after departure, Ms. Wang will feel some is wrong, check home Internet access, “learning machine (to buy) simply isn’t worth the money, the inside of the data, there is no different and other hundreds of yuan of machine learning, and other machine learning plain code marks a price after purchase, the inside of the data is free for life.”On January 24, Ms. Wang complained to a political platform and went to the scene to ask for a refund. “I guess I was afraid that we would make a big impact on business, so I deducted 28 yuan and gave us the rest of the money back,” she said.As she refunded the fee, Ms. Wang noted that “there was a large group of people attending the event.”Reporter interview: man to passers-by to throw small gifts to guide parents to take the initiative to show the payment code to buy learning cards exactly how these businesses operate, consumers are willing to buy thousands of dollars of learning materials?On February 10, Chengdu Business Daily education issued reporters came to Ms. Wang described the “AI intelligence” shop.On the crowded Chunxi Road, a man standing on a white bench in front of the AI store stood out, holding an umbrella, paper towels and stuffed toys in one hand and a microphone in the other. His main message was: These gifts are free.Passing tourists looked up from time to time, but few stopped.But it was a different story at a Full Netcom shop about 100 metres away.The reporter looked from the door, more than 10 square meters of the store inside the station of many people, the store also from time to time someone look around, there are a few eye-catching characters on the store screen: easy to learn, jin Bang title.”All net” shop into the store, a man holding a microphone is for the counter before a circle of customers to introduce products, when the reporter intends to go forward, behind a woman gently pulled the reporter’s clothes, “don’t go, lie.”The lady told reporters, last summer, she also here “free” to receive a learning machine, recharge more than 2700 yuan, take home only to find that the sound, screen resolution is not very good, “the price can buy a big brand learning machine, but the card has been activated, also did not refund success.She told reporters that later, every time she passed this side, she would stop to “join in the fun,” and found that it was the same routine.The first step: throw small gifts, make atmosphere attractive;The second step: claim to give learning machine or phone watch, attract into the shop;The third step: all kinds of words, guide parents to buy learning cards.Reporters found that there were more than 10 people in the store, as well as many parents with their children to participate in the activities, several parents handbag, stuffed with paper towels and plush toys.”I also received, the quality is not good,” the woman pointed to the counter behind the man with the microphone, “you see, they will be asked to give money.”At this point, the man holding the microphone said that the number of learning machines presented is limited, and can only be sent to some parents, and who is false, who is true, he can see at a glance, “when I said to do 20 pieces of learning cards, some people walk, walk away is 20 pieces (money) are not?He is too rich to give flowers to his children.The reporter noticed that in order to show their sincerity of spending money for their children, there were many parents at the scene under the encouragement of the man’s words to take the initiative to raise the two-dimensional code of payment.The parent holding up the payment code then changed the speaker to say that the learning machine is equipped with a study card, which must be purchased and downloaded before use.At the same time, the man repeatedly told the parents, “For the children to learn, the money is well spent.”After a while, a round of sales ended, the reporter with the flow of people out, someone “free” to receive the learning machine, there are parents only received a small gift did not pay the money, and said, “I think (learning machine) not worth that price.”After the successful refund in the store, on January 25, Ms. Wang’s complaint was also replied by Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District Market Supervision Administration bureau: “Regarding your complaint, you said that you have solved it, refund 2771 yuan and said to withdraw the lawsuit.”Although the money was refunded, there are still parents wondering: is there a problem with this promotion and can the relevant departments punish it?On February 11, the reporter dialled jinjiang district market supervision administration spring Xi Road complaints telephone.Staff members said that as far as they know, “the two stores are the same, we have received complaints against them all the time, (many complaints) are dealing with, but also focus on monitoring them.”Is the shop involved in false publicity and why is it not punished?”Their information is complete, propaganda (as in practice) has always said that the learning machine is free, receive the money of the course,” said the staff, “their fault is not enough for us to punish (still not up to the extent of punishment).”For the relevant complaints, the staff said that they can only try to negotiate a refund.However, “all netcom” in-store prominently displayed “shenzhen students with excellent grades treasure technology co., LTD.”, and “shenzhen outstanding students treasure electronic technology co., LTD.”, “top ten China industry brand” “quality inspection qualified product of national standard”, the reporter did not in the national enterprise credit information publicity system query to the relevant company.In addition, from the after-sale special voucher provided by Ms. Wang, the company with the seal is Shenzhen Lianxin Digital Technology Co., LTD., which is also inconsistent with the company advertised.Tianyan check shows that Shenzhen Lianxin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2016, the introduction says that it is “tablet computer, learning machine, tablet computer learning machine and other products professional production and processing company, with a complete and scientific quality management system.It can be seen from the equity penetration chart that Wu Xun, the legal representative of the company, owns all the equity of Shenzhen Lianxin Digital Technology Co., LTD., which has no obvious connection with other companies.Tianyan check equity penetration chart released jun