Good news!The world’s first green commercial concrete heavy truck changing station was launched in Zhejiang

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As the birthplace of the “two mountains theory”, Zhejiang is actively helping the “double carbon” strategy to take root on the journey of ecological civilization construction.On February 25th, hosted by Hangzhou Commercial Concrete Industry Association and jointly undertaken by Geely Commercial Vehicle Group and Hangzhou Longxin Building Materials Co., LTD., the launch and vehicle delivery ceremony of the world’s first green commercial concrete heavy truck changing station was successfully held in Hangzhou with the theme of “Building electricity conversion Ecology and leading green Land Transportation”.Hangzhou city commercial concrete industry association, said hong new hangzhou commercial concrete industry association will continue to strengthen the industry guidance, promote pilot experience in time, to speed up the popularization and application in the city, to reduce motor vehicle exhaust emission, high standard, high level and high speed boost hangzhou green transportation system.On the scene of the event, Geely Commercial Vehicle Group’s Anyman Friendly Transportation Technology Co., LTD delivered the first batch of 50 pure electric concrete mixers to Hangzhou Longxin Building Materials.At the same time, the world’s first integrated green commercial concrete heavy truck changing station, jointly built by both sides, was officially put into operation.Zhejiang Province recently issued the “Implementation Opinions on the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, Zhejiang carbon peak, carbon neutrality has a timetable, road map.Among them, to promote the low-carbon transformation of transport system, it is proposed to promote low-carbon transport equipment, optimize the transport structure, and accelerate the construction of low-carbon transport infrastructure.By building a modern, green, intelligent and low-carbon transport logistics system and setting a model for green and clean transport, it will inject new vitality into green and high-quality development.Geely commercial vehicle group, all friendly with heavy card logistics, through the sunshine energy technology co., LTD. Ming island combined offline renewable energy technology services, to create green intelligent electric capacity in service platform, to provide customers with customized in whole life cycle of green electricity capacity and comprehensive service, and realize energy conservation and emissions reduction authors, increase efficiency.The 50 pure electric stirring vehicles delivered to Hangzhou Longxin Building Materials co., Ltd. take into account economic benefits and environmental benefits, significantly save comprehensive operating costs compared with fuel vehicles, and significantly reduce carbon emissions.This time, All Things Friendly and Hangzhou Longxin Building Materials co., Ltd. will actively help achieve the goal of “double carbon”. By combining the advantages of both sides, we will complete a coordinated layout focusing on green transformation of urban construction logistics, take the lead in green development, and bring demonstration effect of green and low-carbon operation of the whole industry.First comprehensive energy widely used in power plant technology continues to lead the world’s first green bituminous concrete heavy card in power plant, the comprehensive energy station launched geely heavy card, used the first industry in power station of hangzhou lung hin “scenery ChuChong change” integration of the integrated energy technology, will provide in electric heavy card daily clean energy power.The station can effectively solve the pain points such as high cost of car purchase, long charging time, low efficiency of operation, low cargo capacity and range anxiety in urban construction and transportation scenarios.At the same time, in terms of convenience, the speed of changing electricity of the heavy card is comparable to that of refueling service, which realizes changing at any time and ensures efficient operation.Hangzhou Longxin Building Materials co., LTD., as an outstanding enterprise in China’s concrete industry, is currently accelerating the pace of green upgrading of the industry and taking the initiative to undertake the pilot work. Under the support and guidance of relevant departments, oil trucks have been eliminated and electric cars have been used.The pilot achieved the unity of social benefits, ecological benefits and economic benefits, and provided a replicable reference model for the promotion of new energy heavy truck in Hangzhou.With the development of this cooperation, the industry has set a new model for energy conservation and emission reduction.In the future, All Things Friendly will continue to build a green intelligent power conversion capacity service platform, relying on the overall advantages accumulated by Geely commercial Vehicles in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, and actively provide comprehensive intelligent solutions for customers and ecological partners.Geely commercial vehicle group CEO, said Fan Xianjun as practitioners of “double carbon” target, geely commercial vehicles will continue to actively explore new energy application in electric mode innovation of commercial vehicle, hangzhou building as samples, the green transportation system in practice, for the power of zhejiang green development contribution strength, build in ecology, leading the green land.Source: Hangzhou net author: Ma Guoping