Housekeeping “labor shortage”!When will it ease?See come over,

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After the Spring Festival holiday, many Deyang citizens found that not only the domestic staff in short supply, part of the domestic service costs still floating trend.Why on earth?”It has become normal for domestic workers to suffer from labor shortage after the Spring Festival every year.”Deyang City home service industry association president Liu Junrong told reporters, on the one hand, a lot of home service personnel resigned before the year, so that a year will face home service personnel post vacancy;On the other hand, before the Lantern Festival, some domestic workers have not returned to work, so the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming more prominent, especially the shortage of live-in nannies to take care of the elderly and children.According to previous practices, many homemakers will not be able to work until after the Lantern Festival.Therefore, the current contradiction between supply and demand is expected to ease after the Lantern Festival.In view of the rise in service costs reflected by employing families, Deyang Jiadao housekeeping service Co., Ltd. cleaning department manager Zhou Bing said that the Spring Festival may indeed have this situation.”If you have a full-year contract with us, the fee is fixed at any time.If it is a one-time client, the service can only be arranged after 17:00 when there is a shortage of staff. In this way, the cleaning staff is considered to be working overtime and will be charged extra for overtime.Zhou Bing says, waited for the peak period of choose and employ persons, this part rises charge to also cancel.”In fact, there has always been a shortage of domestic helpers.We will organize various housekeeping service companies from time to time to expand the ranks of homemakers by holding special job fairs and sending jobs to the countryside.At the same time, through the professional training of homemaking training school, employees can obtain professional credit certificates and then be sent to employment posts, so as to achieve 100% employment and achieve the effect of the integration of industry and education.”Liu Junrong said.According to relevant statistics, there are tens of thousands of people in the city’s homemaking service, and hundreds of homemaking service enterprises.In recent years, with the professional improvement of homemakers, their salary level is also increasing.At present, in Deyang, the monthly salary of experienced nannies can reach tens of thousands of yuan, and the monthly income of childcare nannies is also 3000-5000 yuan, and there has been a big gap, and the salary of other live-in nannies ranges from 2000 to 5000 yuan.Reporter | up editing | XiaoXi coordinating editor | wang qiao, deputy chief editor on duty | Tang Ze