Zibo High-tech Zone establishes source prevention mechanism of illegal occupation

2022-06-01 0 By

Recently, the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone issued a notice on the pre-examination and approval of land use before the commencement of engineering projects (site leveling) (Trial).According to the current characteristics of illegal land use, the Notice actively ADAPTS to the new requirements of land law enforcement under the new situation. Through the construction of long-term mechanism, it realizes the “early detection and early prevention” of illegal land use, eliminates illegal land use in the bud, and ensures the realization of the goal of “double clearance” of illegally occupied land in the whole region.It is understood that the high-tech zone for a period of natural resources and planning bureau, the construction unit or led units do not understand the legal source of land property, with only the external form, and subjective judgement for non-cultivated land properties, thus implementing the construction temporary occupation, agricultural facilities occupy or tree-planting afforestation etc. Phenomenon of illegal use of land.After investigation and investigation, the Natural Resources and Planning Branch of the High-tech Zone drafted the Notice on The Pre-Examination and Approval of Land use before the Commencement of Engineering Projects (site leveling) (Trial implementation), which was studied by the Commission and printed and implemented by the office of the Commission.The Circular is divided into five parts, namely, the basis of review, scope of application, working procedure, exemption conditions and division of responsibilities. It clearly defines the working process, mechanism and responsibility. Meanwhile, it exempts the four situations that can be explicitly excluded in order to optimize the business environment and improve work efficiency.The Natural Resources and Planning Branch of High-tech Zone, as the leading department, has established a pre-audit mechanism within the department to further optimize the audit process and define the leading departments, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the pre-audit work from the point of procedure.Original title: “A Solution to high-tech In Zibo High-tech Zone to Establish illegal Occupation source Prevention Mechanism”