WBG1:3 defeat JDG official bo fell, middle road under the target of public criticism

2022-06-02 0 By

In the 2022LPL spring tournament, WBG defeated JDG by JDG3:2 and advanced to the next round. The showdown reached the decider with a full degree of excitement. Meanwhile, WBG also exposed a lot of problems, and WBG official blog was even lost, middle and lower road became the target of netizens’ criticism.Take a look at the comments!Let go of the Shy, or do you want to go from top to bottom to counter and choose sword demon?This is made by a human?I’m a hammer hammer, I’m not shy, I’m not shy.The only thing I’m glad about is that Sofm has finally stopped playing games with his feet.This BO5 only SOFm wants to win, the coaching staff BP showed me stupid, top!Sword demon hit Kenan you also choose to come out, although see ID, but I hit gold bureau meet choose sword demon I take a rank not to hit Kenan can give burst, too top, push the line push however, development is not good dozen group 0 effect.Better to theshy choose a Sien, sword demon is really enjoy, small law is too short legs can’t move the road is not, I see also bring Wolf head and TP ah, then why can’t support a wave or two, get out of the way, see people feel miserable.Why the opposite no matter play fox or small law can swim.Why sword Demon?When you selected the sewer sword demon counter Kennan in the final round, all the two ways were laughing, they were in prison, is the coaching staff lack of actual game experience?Or not at all?Probably happy to take credit for 20 points.Why is a counter position to rob a counter position to take a sword demon to resist pressure?You can’t swim with a fox?That’s a long walk, isn’t it?Eating so many towers, threads and heads, you are c?Have to say, hit the road to choose the sword demon against Kenan is a little bit do not understand, counter counter and sword demon is not S8 when the sword demon.Secondly, the middle of the small method has been pushed line support by the fox, small method indifferent, there is indeed a problem, although the road is abandoned all the way, but the female gun out without a little effect is also to blame, SOFm people continue to find the opportunity to find some comfort!