When making dumplings, how to deal with the remaining wrappers?Let’s share a new way to eat

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Today I would like to share a new way to eat, many people have not eaten, follow along to learn.Ingredients, dumpling skin, red dates, raisins, sugar the first step to prepare last year to eat dumplings left, skin, to it cut two knives, and then to it beat, into the basin, put aside for standby.The second step in the bowl into raisins, red dates into a spoonful of flour, and then add water, clean the flour ah, there is a strong adsorption performance, clean more clean.Clean the red dates ah change knife cut into pieces, put in the bowl.The third step in the pot oil temperature fifty hot, into the consistent dumpling skin, pay attention not to too high oil temperature.In the process of frying to keep turning, to prevent frying paste fried until golden and crisp, out of the oil control standby.Tell us, the fourth step in the pot to add half a bowl of water, and then add 250 grams of sugar, stir with the fire until the sugar melts.Simmer until caramelized, add the raisins, and then pour in the fried dumpling skins, quickly stir well.In the process of stirring, you can see that the sugar is slightly drawn, stir well, then pour into the mold, press flat with a rolling pin.After the feeling of cooling off the mold, cut into strips with a knife, a simple and delicious dumpling skin snacks are ready to eat, sweet and crisp, nutritious, good-looking and delicious.If you have dumplings left over from last year, go home and try it.Thank you all for your support.Tip In fact, his last few are not the same as the sugar we make. They are put in the steamed bread, pressed flat and cold, and then they can start to eat