It’s cold outside!Please have a bowl of Xinjiang tea

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Is it cold?It’s still winter!Before you enter a xinjiang restaurant, the boss may offer a pot of hot tea, Fu Brick tea, scented tea, black tea…Today, let’s have a look at some of the most common kinds of tea in Xinjiang. 01 Green tea Local residents in Xinjiang prefer rice brick and Fu brick for tea.Both tea processing methods are compression tea, which is steamed with high pressure steam to soften the tea and then pressed into blocks in a mold box for preservation.Break the fu Brick tea and put it into a copper pot with boiling water, boil it with a small fire, until the color is thick. No matter you drink it for yourself or for guests, you will always drink the tea when it is hot and fragrant.Milk tea, often drunk by nomads, is mostly salty and made from tea and milk or goat’s milk.First, mash the brick tea and boil it in a copper pot or water pot. After the tea comes to a boil, add fresh milk and keep raising the tea with a spoon when boiling until the tea milk is fully blended. Remove the tea leaves and increase the salt according to everyone’s taste.Visitors to the ancient city of Kashgar can easily find that there are many kinds of medicinal tea in the old teahouses along the street.Order a pot of tea and sit in a leisurely afternoon.Medicinal tea is uygur unique traditional health tea, processed and refined from cardamom, sand date, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and other natural plants, with the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, eliminating food, dispelling wind and dispersing cold.Tea bowl is commonly known as “three batteries”.A common serving tea for guests at home.In addition to the tea leaves, there are longan, rock sugar, red dates, dried apricots, raisins, tremella, etc., with boiling water.The initial taste is a bit bitter, but after a few sips there is a slight sweetness.Image: the little red book @ chu bugs in addition to the above types of tea and jasmine tea, fruit tea, tea and so on a wide range of not only tea tea tea is also very delicate and exquisite visible in xinjiang people’s life very important spare nothing to point a pot of tea in the teahouse, match point called naan, nuts or pastry food and drink to chat, are used to want to deep understanding of life in xinjiang personally welcome to taste the editor:Zhao Chongyang, Bo Bozai review: Ge Jian supervision review: Secretary Yuanxun © Xinjiang is a good place Xinjiang welcome you!