Two new cases have been found in The East district of Beijing, and one person has lived here temporarily

2022-06-03 0 By

Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing according to the report of Beijing Dongcheng District, as of 10 On March 24:00, 2 new COVID-19 cases were found in Dongcheng District, both of which have been transferred to designated medical institutions for treatment.The specific information is as follows: Infected person 1: currently lives in Yard 2, Yongkang Hutong, Beixinqiao Street. He is an employee of Yulexuan Duck Restaurant. He came to Live temporarily at No. 70, Beitoutiao, crossing of Andingmen Street, on March 12 and 16.Infected person 2: currently living in Building 1, Guangming Middle Street, Longtan Street, Dongcheng District. He is a close family contact of the infected person notified on March 23. He has not gone out since March 15 and has been quarantined on March 22.Dongcheng District has carried out an epidemiological investigation on the infected persons, and all those at risk have been placed under control. The relevant external environment has been completely disinfected.Here to remind the general public friends: please and the above activity field all time intersection of personnel, immediately take the initiative to live in the community (village), work units, living hotel report.Dongcheng District Beixinqiao Street Tel: 64043994 Dongcheng District Andingmen Street Tel: 64066950 Dongcheng District Longtan Street Tel: 67120375 Dongcheng District CDC Tel: 67021006