Big brother life!Lin Dan moved 70 million mansion New Year’s Day, Xie Xingfang embraced him from behind too sweet

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In the history of Chinese sports, Lin Dan’s achievements in badminton can be compared with Yao Ming in basketball, Ma Long in table tennis and diving. At his peak, Lin Dan was the best badminton player in the world, and his rivalry with Lee Chong Wei also became a story.After retirement, Lin Dan kept a low profile and rarely appeared on variety shows. In his career, he earned tens of millions of yuan every year depending on wages and endorsements.And Lin Dan’s wife Xie Xingfang is still a domineering female president, very impressive, it is reported that Xie Xingfang’s net worth may still exceed Lin Dan, easily over 100 million.Some time ago, Lin Dan in Fujian Longyan mansion built, it is reported that it took nearly 4 years to complete.Lin of the home is a three-layer villa, and is rich in local area, and about 110000 per SQM, and Lin villa with a total area of 700 square meters, so, well, Lin probably spent more than $70 million, for the average person, this is definitely a astronomical figures, but for Lin Dan and xie xingfang,It’ll probably pay off in 2-3 years at most.In the near future, Lin Dan and his wife move a person of extraordinary powers curtilage Chinese New Year, curtilage interior decoration is like palace, let a person see dazzling, and Lin Dan and good friend get together, look the mood is very good.I have to say, this is the life of a big man. You can live where you want, do what you want, very free.Lin Dan couple and Liu Xiping for the same frame, three smiling faces, in Lin Dan’s mansion party.And Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang often stay at home, the family happy New Year, two people more and more love.According to a video released online, Lin Dan is very diligent after his family have dinner. He takes the initiative to wash dishes and do some other housework. He is really a good man.His wife Xie Xingfang was also very moved, she took a video recording of the moment, Lin Dan also turned his head to make a face, and Xie Xingfang’s face full of smile, it seems that there is happiness in the eyes, but less sad.Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang had a relationship crisis, but xie xingfang finally chose to forgive Lin Dan.And Lin Dan also prodigal son, to his wife more care and love.May be love to the depths, her husband for his bowl, Xie Xingfang is also very excited, from behind a hug Lin Dan, and Lin Dan is still in the bowl, and his face is more sweet smile.Although they have been married for many years, it seems that Lin Dan and his wife are still very much in love.Lin Dan looks as handsome as he did in his youth, sporting his classic beard and is one of the most stylish men in sports.Xie Xingfang is a very successful entrepreneur, the boss of a maternal and child enterprise, and Lin Dan is the chief creative officer. The couple manage their business well and make a lot of money in recent years.Xie xingfang often participates in various large-scale events, incarnates the strong woman, also once took the photo with the entertainment star, is full of energy.